£1k - £1.5k to spend on 5.1/6.1 - HELP??


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ok guys, here's the deal: I've recently upgraded my receiver to a Denon 3803, and now it's time to rip out the mismatched speakers that I have currently and bring in some new beauties.

Here's my current speaker setup:

Fronts: B&W 600i (pics here)
Centre: B&W CC6 S2
Rears: Some crappy TEAC sats (gotta go)
Subwoofer: Some old Cerwin Vega passive thing running from an even older Technics stereo amp (don't laugh!)

It will be mainly for movies, but size isn't an issue, small or big, I just want the best for my money. And speaking of money - as the subject says - between £1000 and £1500

I've been recommended going for the M&K K Series package, except maybe changing the sub for a REL that would bring the price down. That is really pushing my budget boundary, and I'm wondering if it's worth the extra. Also been quoted on a KEF Q package.

Over to you guys


Ian J

I haven't heard them but the Castle Compacts sound as if they could be worth a listen. Five lovely looking small speakers and a subwoofer all with a RRP of £1,000


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Castle hmmm, thanks for the tip.

I'm having a rare trip to London this weekend, any decent shops on Tot. Court Rd worth me popping into?


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Well, your BW are huge. They look like an early version of the current 604. I would guess they were quite good and expensive when you bought them. Do you have a problem with them and need to upgrade them? If not, stick with them and spend your budget on the current failing of your setup instead. You will get better value for your money than by changing everything.

You need new rear. You could get some of the current 600 series Anything from 600/601/602 should match nicely with your 600i both sonically and visually. Alternatively, if size is really not a problem and you want an upgrage at the front, get yourself some 603S3 or 604S3 and move your current want to the back.

Your CC6 seesm a bit underpowered so you would have money to get a LCR600 which is a well regarded center.

If you get say some 602S3 and a LCR600, that should leave you with 400-800 pounds for a subwoofer. I am sure some peoples in this board will tell you from where to import it but in any case, this is plenty to get a decent one even built locally.

I am sure there are other combination you could try recycling part of your existing setup, e.g get a pair BW 704, move your current fronts at the back and forget about the rest.



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Hifi Experience on Tottenham Court Road is always good.

Also Cornflake Shop on Windmill St, but you need to book an appointment before hand.

They do some really mouth-wateringly tasty stuff in there , so beware and dont' take any plastic!!


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Your probably aware of the AG Home Cinema offerings but take a look at these.

I believe they are in the £1,300 range.

Eclipse TD Lulét 307PA complete with the 316SW Subwoofer?



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So I went to London...
...and I was ill the whole time! Definitely not in the mood to demo speakers with a banging headache!

Never mind. I guess I'll have to find somewhere in the Midlands, as I go to Birmingham every other weekend. Any decent places there?

Interesting ideas there about utilising what I have already. Those 600i fronts are pretty old now, but they still sound pretty good. I was recommended to go for the CC6 S2 centre to match them, but to be honest I think it was a bad mistake, the dialogue feels distant somehow. Maybe the LCR600 would do the trick, then I could possibly use the CC6 for the rear and go 6.1.

As for the rears, I would like to get some decent bi or tripoles to disperse the sound. And I'll look further into getting a solid bowel shifter - thanks

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