£180....which one?



Ok, I'm getting an mp3 player, birthday in the first week of november, and I was wondering what you guys might recommend (£180 budget)

I feel that a 20gb one would take me years and years to fill up, whilst a 4gb would be a little too small, but would probably suffice. I do a lot of running, so would want one that could take the abuse that would cause.

At the moment I'm looking at these ones (amazon.co.uk prices)

- Sony NW-HD5 20GB Network Walkman £168.10
- Sony NWA3000V 20 GB HDD £189.99
- Philips PSA615 6GB Portable Sports Audio £159.99
- Ipod Nano 4GB £174.98

Personally, I like the look of the Sony NWA3000v and the Philips. DO you know of any big issues with any of these players?

Many thanks for anyone with anything to add!
I'd say the HD5 personally...if you are a fashion gimp then get the nano. Heard of problems with the last philips player so wouldn't go near that. The new sony player is a re-designed more expensive HD5 and not worth the extra cash imo, it has a built in battery with some extra playlist features (woooo) and is bigger than the HD5.

If you can find one get the HD5H or a black HD5 for less button issues. My buttons have small cracks on my red HD5 but it doesn't bother me much yet.
Personally l'd cancel out the last 2, yep the last 2, considering that the HD5 has :
-longer(replaceable) battery life
-more storage same as No. 2 though l prefer the HD5
-it appears the HD5 seems :eek: to b cheaper than the lot & is within your bugdet ..considering PRICE vs. CAPACITY
juss 2 mention a few
Thanks for the responses -

1 - what kind of probles may the Philips have?
2 - I reckon the A3000 will be the one I go for.
I'm not sure about the philips problems, your best bet would be to try and find a forum specifically for user problems on that player and also check out online reviews. Google serves me well for this purpose :D.

Trust me just get the Sony or the Nano, there are other players out there too but out of the bunch you listed I wouldn't consider the philips (personally). There is also the 6gb sony aswell remember which is a smaller version of the 20gb player.

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