Question £1500ish 55" OLED v 65" LED?


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Hi Everyone

My old 55" LG died last night and I need a TV today

No idea what I want so what are people's thoughts this?

£1500ish 55" OLED v 65" LED?


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oooh good question... really depends how much of a perfectionist you are and what 65'' LED you're talking about. No doubt about it at £1500 the OLED gives you the better PQ, black uniformity, etc.

65 inches is just so god damn immersive tho. IF you can still pick up a FALD LED from last year for <2k that could be the best of both worlds.

A bigger screen is more cinematic, more engrossing, more engaging.. just go to the projector forums to hear more about it! however.. a bigger screen does make faults easier to pick up on.

What sets do you have in mind?


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hmm meh u need to make a decision on how picky you are with PQ in all honesty. a B6 OLED vs a low end LCD ... the truth is the OLED destroys the LCD in everything but brightness, image retention + size.

However size is just a HUGE underplayed factor if you like it. For me its the difference between feeling like you're at the cinema and not. Also with good upscaling and especially with 4k content, the 65 inch TV starts to produce an experience which is hard for a smaller screen to properly compete with.


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thats the difference 65 vs 55 i believe.

I'm a personal fan of big screen size as I initially wanted a PJ but decided times have moved so far forward now that u can get a reasonably big TV for the price of a PJ.

if ur not OCD and looking for haloing, black uniformity blahblah.. then a bigger screen will be quite phenomenal for providing an experience that a smaller screen can't emulate.

I bought a 50 inch 4-5 years ago. Wish I'd gone for a 60+ inch screen as i would not have bought a new TV now and would have waited.


Don't forget viewing distances, ideally you want to be sitting 1m from a 55" or 1.2 from a 65 inch to make the most of UHD. Its abnormally close for a lot of people but the majority don't actually benefit from UHD because they don't view close enough.


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Hi Both

Thanks for the help and advice. I went for 65 instead of 55 based on what you had said. I did go for this in the end ue65ku6100

It's a great TV and I'm really pleased with it.


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