£1500 to spend at comet. What to get?


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I haev just had an insurance claim go through for a damaged plasma TV and they are giving my £1500 in vouchers to spend at comet. I can only use the at the store and not online though. Assuming there online prices are the same as instore, what do you rekon I should go for?


I caould strech my funds and a few hundred quid if neccessary, so if anyone fancies taking a look at there website and suggesting a few tv's, it would be much appreciated :smashin: Its going to either go in my kitchen or in my bedroom, so needs to have a speaker, 1 or more HDMI dor dvd or xbox and scarts for sky. 42" is te preferable size aswell, could stretch to 502 if they have a good one within budget though.

Cheers for any help.

Daddy k

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lg 50" plasma! ;)

Greg Hook

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Their online prices are in no way similar to what are in the shop.

Expect to pay £200/£300 more for a TV around the £1500 mark in the shop than on their website.

For example some months ago when I had an insurance claim through comet, the Sony 40" LCD I wanted was £1500 in the store and only £1299 on the web. Fortunately I had bought the TV originally on the web so I was able to get it at web prices.

big rd

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i was in comet the other day looking at tvs trying to make my mind up and the salesman offererd sell me a tv at the same price as on the web. so i would give it a try. i dont know if their screaming for sales but not only that they said they might chuck in a free dvd player. i went in to the sony center no intetion of buying and the sales person knocked 200 of the price of a sony 42 w.i would haggle the price and after its agreed show the vouchers. dont let them know first.


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Good idea, was thinking of doing that to. If they think I am paying with cash they might be more inclined to give a better price :smashin:


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Comet now do a collect at store service via the web at web prices, so if this works anything like Argos reserve or Pcworld then with luck you won't have to pay anything until at the store.

EDIT: Alternatively if you wanna exchange those vouchers for some chrissy cash I can give you £900 ;)

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