£1500 mce solution, noise/size no object


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new to mce.

planning to build a mce for my dad.
tv will be a sony 1080pmsony 40w2000 so hdmi connector would be good
sound into a meridian processor so ok using onboard dac in the meridian.

he will probably use more for music than tv though.

what would be the best build given that no need to keep it small or as it will be in a different room with cables through the wall.

no need to worry about the case either he has a big fat tower.

few questions:
does the processor do the scaling? or the graphics card
are there pci card scalers that will work better?




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My advice is MCE building is a black art. Whatever you have learnt about building pcs - forget it now, MCE follows a whole new set of rules. For example You dont need a massive processor, storming graphics card or tons of ram. What you need is fast and efficient memory and disk access and lots of HD space. You need to learn about codecs, S3 suspend and other bits and pieces that you would normally ignore on a normal PC.

I would advise a trip over to http://www.thegreenbutton.com a fantatstic website with probably the most information about MCE in any one place on the web. It is hosted and moderated by several MCE MVPs and regularly visited by Microsoft devs.

Have a good read through the forums - you will find tons of info on what motherboards / processors / memory / tuner cards work well and which dont. I am sure once you have had a read through some of the posts, signing up and posting, somebody will be able to point you in the right direction. It took me 3 months reading those forums and researching components before I committed to my first build. I would advise you to do similar.

Good luck and have fun


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thanks mushi

i will go over and have a look!


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