£1500 ish for a 65" screen. Which one ?


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Finally looking to buy a new large TV.

After years of holding onto the last 42" Panasonic plasma as our main TV, we are now looking for a larger 65" screen and doing away with both projector and the 42"

Sources are SKY Q 2TB, Amazon TV, Netfilx, and blu ray, PS4 pro (later), so all ready for the higher resolutions.

Amp does all the switching (Marantz SR6011) and supports the video so just a screen to get now.

Not bothered about TV sound as nothing is played through the screen and not really bothered about how smart it is - we have sources to play what ever we want so a good screen is first and foremost.

Sit about 14 foot away square onto the screen.

I really like the look of OLED but the price is prohibitive, and ideally want the best blacks possible as I like a picture with good depth and possibly the warmer side of neutral.

Not big into sports but will be getting back into gaming with a PS4 pro on the cards, although TV is still the main focus. Sky HD channels and movies mainly.

With around £1500 to spend I'm thinking of something like the Sony 65XE9005, Hisense 65NU8700, LG 65J950V or maybe a discount Panasonic TX-65EX700B for £900 from their outlet and save some funds.

Ultimately I want a good idea which models to look at before I visit the stores with the wife later on and get swayed by something I shouldn't :D



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You can discount the LG if you like good blacks as that's an IPS panel.

As well as the XE90 and NU8700 it would be worth looking at the Samsung MU8000 and Panasonic EX750
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