£150 for a good 5.1 package? can it be done?


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Hi chaps

the title explains all really, im after a 5.1 speaker package for use with my soon to be old av amp (im getting a new one), it will be for me to use whilst im at uni.
So suggestions would be great.



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yes it can be done. look at richersounds, look for tannoy's fx 5.1 for £149.99. very good kit for the money. you could also visit the trade forum. you'll never know what you can get.



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cheers for that, ANYone else got any good suggestions?? as long as its not a yamaha nsp110:rolleyes::mad:


have a look for a 5.1 set of eltax i brought a set as my first home cinema speakers and was really pleased with them didnt sound bad at all!
hope this helps


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Castle compact 5.1 was excellent at £1,000, and beautiful wood cabinets. The company has closed (but may re-emerge), and left-overs occasionally sell for next to nothing on ebay- although of course it may get tricky in the unlikley event that things go wrong

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