£15 Tiger Woods 10 with Motion Plus deal in-store at Tesco


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Tesco Superstore at New Malden selling Tiger Woods 10 with Motion Plus for a mere 15 quid :eek:

Bizarrely, they also have just the game for 15 quid as well.

Tesco usually have same pricing in all stores so worth checking the ones near you, think this is a special like the Super Smash Bros promo they did recently. Tiger Woods 11 out soon so they might just be getting rid of the last few stock.

Only one left of the motion plus package when I went yesterday, get 'em whilst they're hot and too busy watching the world cup to bother pricing up the kit :smashin:


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TW10 is a great game, I already have it but that's a great deal for any newcomers. Like you said TW11 is out in the next month or so and Tesco are probably getting rid of their last few copies before then.

I'm still playing with All Play mode though as I can't swing a golf club for the life of me. Instead I'm challenging myself by trying to get at least an eagle on every hole and a hole in one on par 3's. This requires many minutes of fine tuning my aim (which is easier said that done with the d-pad!).

I like how you can also link the game to the weather channel so it uses real-time weather for each course. Plus it's great to make a really grotesque-looking golfer in the character creation screen and then deck him out in all the sponsor's posh clothes!


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Was back in Tesco today and the deal has now vanished. They had the game only on the shelves but no sign of TW10 + MP. Either they've sold out or it was a pricing mistake.

Re: TW10, far too realistic for me, will stick with the Wii Sports resort golf :D

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