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£15 credit turns into £45 debit


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Like many others who upgraded to sky hd on the sky website i expected £15 credit to be added to my account,i have been waiting since last september and nothing.
I phoned sky billing and they assured me it would be added to the february payment which is due on the 12th.
Last thursday i studied my on line account and guess what it wasnt there but to make matters worse they had cocked it up completely,instead of crediting me with £15 they had debited me £45.
I again phoned sky billing,they apologised realising they had made a mistake but refused to put it right for the february payment and promised to reimburse me £60 on my march payment.
Surely this cannot be right,it is plain robbery,they think they can use other peoples bank accounts as their own.
I complained hard and loud and asked to speak to a supervisor,they said none were available at that time and promised one would phone me,i am still waiting.


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just had a phone call from sky,they have assured me it has been corrected and the £45 will not now
be taken from the february payment but i will have to wait until the march payment to be finally re-imbursed the £15 credit.
We will see.
It seems by me e mailing [email protected] did the trick,if that hadnt worked i would of taken Morili hochili's advice and tried higher up the chain.


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Good luck Alex when you contact sky, i hope you get someone who knows the difference between subtraction and addition.
Looking on another forum it appears we are far from the only ones where sky has 'forgotten' to give the £15 credit,maybe they were hoping we wouldnt notice.


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just had a look at my on line account and i am not hopeful about the problem being resolved,
it seems alot of auditing just to get a £15 credit,see below,can anybody make any sense of it?
(all that is shown below is surplus to my usual account details)
it seems he realised he had made a mistake then tried a bit of creative accounting to try and put it right but it has baffled me,especially as sky hd was installed last september.
I suppose its one of them wait and see situations.

amount not currently being requested:-
29/01/2009 Sky+ Box (£30.00)
29/01/2009 HD Box (£15.00)
29/01/2009 Sky+ Box (£15.00)
29/01/2009 HD Box (£30.00)
Subtotal (£90.00)
Description Payment Status Amount
Total Balance: £69.15 (this what i have been told i will pay on the 12th feb instead of £114.15)

this was added yesterday:-
04/02/2009 Credit Adjustment £45.00 CR
04/02/2009 Credit Adjustment £15.00 CR
Current Balance: £9.15

Payment Due By: 12/02/2009


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Has anybody else recieved their £15 credit for buying Sky+ HD online? I'm about to give em a ring wondering what happened to it.


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Thanks Alex,you just reminded me to check my sky bill due on the 12th march and i do finally believe after waiting since last september i am going to get the £15 credit.
It was e mailing [email protected] that worked for me in the end,but of course that was because they had made an accounting mistake,they might get yours right first time.
Good luck when you phone up,let us know how you get on.


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I got my first (post HD installation) bill a couple of weeks ago and discovered that not only had I not got the £15 credit for ordering online, I'd also not been given the 1 month free HD at £9.75 and to top it off I'd been charged an extra £9.75 for a sky+ subscription on my old box that I don't use anymore.

Phoned them up and after a bit of messing around they promised to re-imburse the two £9.75's on my next bill and they told me that it will take anything up to 60 working days to get the £15 credit.

Waiting for my next bill to see if they've credited like they said.

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