£135 for a rubber hose!!!


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Jan 2, 2002
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Our local Peugeot main dealer are taking the P***.
My wifes 306 has a leaking hose and they want £85 for the hose and £50 to fit it.
None of the other local garages can look at it for a few days and we both need cars for our work.
We were thinking of buying a new car to replace the 306 soon and now it's deffinately not going to be another Peugeot. :thumbsdow

My mate just had a hose go on his 530 and the engine stopped working. He was told by an independant that the radiator needed replaced. This cost him £80 fitted. But only after spending over a grand at the local BMW dealer on getting the head skimmed, head gasket replaced and engine relined only to be told he needed a new engine. He was ready to spend over 3 grand on a reconditioned engine before the independent garage was recommended by a mutual friend.
Buy the hose yourself online (e.g. www.eurocarparts.com or even a used one, there's lots of sites) and either fix it yourself or take the hose to the nice man who charges £50. I wouldn't be surprised if his charge for fixing it increases to £100 though, as he's making at least £50 with the hose :)
also, do a seach on online scrapyards - I got in touch with this site where you fill in a form (with your car details, the parts your after etc) they then send this info to loads of scrap merchants and if anyone has anything, they get back to you...

I had to get some replacement lights for my old 306 and I got a full rear set (drivers side) for 20 quid delivered, and I needed a front indicator and I got a brand new one for the same price...!

also, try e-bay...may seem bizzare, but after I bought my lights, I also saw them on there...hindsight...it's great!

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