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May 1, 2002
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I'm after upgrading my dvd player from a reasonably useful wharefedale m5 to something a bit more serious.
The player needs to be multi-region hackable with RCE playback. I need VCD, SVCD, MP3 playback too. I'd like DVD-R and DVD-RW playback (possibly even recording on a higher priced model but recording isnt as important as a good playback machine).
So far I'm looking at the Sony DVP-NS905 and the Pioneer 757AI - but I've had great trouble finding any information on these models (the 757ai isnt listed on pioneer's site at all). DVD Recorder wise i've been looking at the Panasonic DMR-HS2 - but I know this doesnt do SVCD playback which is a big minus for me - and also there is no current multi-region hack (as far as I know).
I'd rather have SVCD playback than dvd recording capability (lets face it anything worth copying off tv is worth getting on a properly mastered DVD when it is released). Are there any other models I should be looking at?

A DMR HS2 equivelent is Toshiba RDX2. If you understand japanese you can read the spec on their japanese website. Its due for release in the UK in October. All I know is 80G HD DVD-RAM/-R. DOnt know if it plays SVCD. Try emailing their UK help desk. The tosh RDX1 was japanese best selling recorder so they cant be all bad!

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