£1000 to spend on an LCD - any recommendations?



Not too fussed about top of the range makes (it's for my mum) and looking for between 24" and 32" if thats possible on a budget?

Also, cheapest online TV retailers - anyone?

Don't think even 22 inchers are down to a grand yet.

The Philips 23" is about £1100 and the Thomson 27" is about £1350.

Let me know if you spot any for a grand as that's how much I want to spend too.
Just remembered the Sharp Aquos 22" is about £900 but is low res and not highly regarded.
You should be able to get a 22 for under a grand - but no larger. A 22 inch LCD is the same size as a 24 inch CRT.

Samsung LW22A13 is a good choice IMO. See one (for more money) at John Lewis
Seen an advert for the LG RZ23LZ10 for under £1K. I am told that screenwise the Sharp 22" is the same as the recently launched 22"IDTV. Can't say that I have been too impressed with its picture though.
Any idea when the JVC 23" will hit the shops? I was all ready o go for the Philips 23" but with the speakers on the JVC being underneath it's a better shape for our lounge - however if they don't get it out soon it'll be overtaken by the next generation Philips etc.
Do you mean this one - they say stocks are in Feb. Not bad price.

So you reckon this is the best?
That's the one and the price is good too. (I guess the good reviews that the Philips gets means that any other 23" TVs can't really be priced much higher.)

I'd have gone for the Philips already except that with the speakers on either side it's just a bit too wide for the unit where it'll sit - also to be honest if it's a widescreen telly I think they look a bit odd, too wide and not high enough, if the speakers are like ears on the side. The JVC looks great to me and more inportantly to the missus. It's got a vga plug so I can get myself a shuttle pc to act as a freeview pvr, and also check on the emails from the lounge. And as hornydragon says, the 26" JVC is getting rave reviews - so hopefully the 23" will be just as good.

No doubt when it DOES hit the shops there'll be something supposedly better promised to be just a month or two away and I STILL won't be able to make up my mind.


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