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£1000 spend on 2nd hand floor standers


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I think its time to retire my Kef 104/2's in search of something even better.

I have approx £1000 to spend on a pair of floorstanders. I am more than happy to wait a while a buy 2nd hand.

So far my list is not that great, Kef Ref 3's or 3.2's

Is there anything else I should be considering? I am not too concerned regarding their size. They ideally would be rosewood / rosetta burr and definatly not black.

They will be used 70% for stereo music / 30% as fronts for movies.

The living room is 24 feet wide x 12 feet deep, so the speakers will be positioned approx 8 feet apart and 10 feet to the listening position (maybe not ideal :) )


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Consider the NEW highly rated nicely discounted Dali Ikon 6 for £974 -

Dali Ikon 6

If you can pull together a little more cash, conside the Dali Ikon 7 which have the addition of a midrange speaker for £1,324 -

Dali Ikon 7

Or something from the Dali Lektor line -

Dali Lektor 6 stereo speakers

Dali Lektor 8 stereo speakers

The Lektor 8 is a 3-way system with twin 8" woofer and just a trace over your budget.

If you want really stunning clarity consider one of the many Focal models -

Focal 726 V 3-way speakers

Focal Chorus 816V floorstanding speakers

Focal Chorus 826V floorstanding speakers

Both the Monitor Audio RX6 and RX8 fall in your price range -



Depending on your taste and preference, you can get a pair of B&W 683 for under your budget -


Current Kef Reference start at close to £4000, not likely to find them for only £1000. Though you mind find older reference models. However, you can find the highly regarded Kef IQ90 for under £1000 -


And there is a good chance you could find used XQ series in your price range. They typically run NEW from £1500 to £2500.

I know you asked for used, but the problem with used is, you have to choose from what is currently available, and trust that you can accurately assess the condition of the speakers. Maybe you will find what you want, and maybe you won't; it is luck of the draw.

The suggested speakers are all highly rated and well regarded, and come with full manufacturer's warranty, that has to be worth something.

I'm assuming that these are your existing speakers -


If so, I would suspect most of the new speakers I suggested would equal or more likely outperform these.

While the price was reasonably high on the Kef 104/2, the frequency response was only so-so ( 55Hz to 20kHz (+-2dB)). Still the information I found on the speaker indicates the general sound quality was very good.

Just one man's opinion.

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Cheers BlueWizard, lots of ideas, so a good start point on a long road.


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FWIW I spent £1010 on a (new) pair of ProAc Studio 130s last year, which are very highly rated although Steve doesn't mention them. Steve, what do you think of them? I'm perfectly happy with them but I'm not at all an expert (but they did sound better than the slightly cheaper speakers I auditioned at the same time, which I think were B&W 683s and Dali Lektor 6s).

They aren't the sexiest looking speakers in the world but it depends on your tastes (and who else might have a say in the decision!)


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Certainly nothing wrong with Proac speakers. The only problem I have with the Proac Studio 130's is that I can't seem to find them anywhere.

I did find the twin woofer Proac Studio 140EX for £1,094 in a display model -

ProAc Studio 140 Ex Display

Which seem to represent a pretty substantial discount over this -

ProAc Studio 140 Mk2 speakers

I'm assuming that this is the price per pair, though I wish they would make that more clear.

I'm sure there are plenty of other speakers if you look hard enough, but my point was that you can get some really great NEW speakers for a £1000 per pair.

You might find better value if you can find something used that you like, if you can trust it to be in good condition, if you are willing to go pick them up, if you can be sure no criminal activity is involved in the transaction. That's a lot of 'if's.

Still, when it works, used can be exceptional value.



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Problem is I am more than happy to wait for something 2nd hand. Maybe I am being snobish (so I apologise in advance) but do any of this really come close to Kef ref 3's?

I am using Kef Ref 3's as a baseline as they are he closest to what I have in the Kef 104/2's and have a new price upwards of £2.5K


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Well, how could anyone questions Kef Reference speakers. If you can find an old pair in good shape, more power to you. I can't imagine that you wouldn't be satisfied with them.

Again, my purpose was to show that there are good speakers out there NEW in your budget range.


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