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£1000 spend, advice from build to OC please.


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Hello all,

Some time ago I created a thread asking for advice on a PC build, sadly that oppurtunity never came around.

However, now I have another chance and will have the money in a week or 2 to start my build.

I have already bought some parts and left the tricky ones til last, was hoping you kind people would go over my build and see if there are any compatibilty issues or if I can have better components for same price or cheaper.

Now to the build.

Parts I already have......

Case Lian Li PC 7FW
Hard Drive 500GB Caviar Blue
Ram OCZ 6GB PC3-12800C8 DDR3 1600Mhz £135
I also have a Pioneer DVD RW and Windows 7 Professional Edition.

I have around £860 left to spend and this is what I come up with......

MOBO Asus P6T SE £150
PSU Corsair 650W Modular £93
Processor i7 920 D0 £209
CPU Cooler Prolimatech Megahalems Super 6 Heatpipe £42
Graphics 1GB XFX HD 5870 XT £352

I'm hoping I haven't missed anything lol. :thumbsup:

I'm also after recommendations for fans to go with this set up. I have a blue LED fan with the case, 140mm I believe, and 1 x 120mm at the rear of case.
I would like to have maybe Red LEDs fans for case and 1 or 2 plain black or Red LEDs for the CPU cooler.

My only main concern is fans and whether the Motherboard is best I can get without spending much more. Also how could I forget, the Power supply, if it's enough and will work fine with everything. Not to up on Rails etc.

Many Thanks and any help or advice is really appreciated.

Side note, I'll be gaming on both a 40 in LCD and an NEC monitor 24in both and 1080p.

I'll get to overclocking once the build is up and running. Thanks again.
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If quietness is important you might want to consider a psu such as the Nesteq ASM X-Zero 600W Heat-piped Cooled Semi-Fanless (they do a 700w version too) its completely silent the majority of the time.

Id be tempted to go for a bigger brand name cpu cooler too, maybe a scythe Orochi or ninja.

With fans, even cheapish quiet fans will be good if you use a fan controller to control the speed. quietpc do a nice range


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Thanks mate, I thought the CPU Cooler was up there with the TRUE cooler? Amongst the best.

Thanks anyway, I will look at others, especially as I would of liked the price to be a little lower on the Cooler.

At idle I would like to be quiet, as most would I expect. Load, I'm not too bothered as I have headphones. I suppose the other half wouldn't be too happy though.


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Sorry for double post, I have thought about the MOBO, and decided to put the Original P6T first over the SE version.

To compensate for this cost I am thinking of buy the Cocage TRUE Spirit cooler at a tenner less but apparently similar results to the Magahalem. Anyone think this is a good move?

More advice welcome. Especially on first post.



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Hey Guys, just an update.

I have added 2 pics of the final build. Pretty much went for everything I was going to. Fans wise I have to Apaches in push/pull on the Megahalem.

Front in take is an Xigmatek 140mm. I didn't like the colour scheme so I soldered some new Red 5mm LED lights in place of the old white ones.

The back fan is an Xigmatek 120 mm but have not found suitable 3mm LEDs yet.

I also didn't like how bright the Blue LED was on the Lian Li case so I soldered on a new 5mm red one in there just to make it match.

What you guys think?

As it was my first build I was a bit curious on overclocking, I have managed to get my rig to 3.8 stable. My max core temp hits around 39 idle and mid 60s under full stress. Does this also seem ok?

Thanks guys.

PS, I hope the pictures added fine. never used this site for it lol.


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Thanks mate, just adding the pics now but says I can't because I have already added them in this thread. Anyway I can copy them across? Thanks


Edit; I just added images from the url in this thread rather than attched new ones.
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