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£1000 Need advice what to buy?

Discussion in 'TVs' started by Clayts, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. Clayts


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    I am after a new TV with seperate cinema suround speakers and possibly a DVD player/recorder. Basically some kind of package or bundle that has the above for around £1000.

    I am just a bit lost as to what to buy at the moment. LCD, or Plasma or what? What is HDTV should I be thinking about it. I want this Telly to last a fair few years so if it is HDTV ready then I guess that is a bonus.

    So what would you go for today of a £1000 budget?

  2. red16v

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    Aug 20, 2004
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    Hi, well HDTV is simply High definition tv. It's going to become more widespeard across Europe from 'here on in'. The problem is, in the UK at least, is that the broadcasters and manufacturers haven't agreed on a common spec - there are a number of possibilites. As if to cause further confusion 'Sky' have announced they are 'going' widescreen as from 2006 but with what system ? will that eventually be compatible with terrestrial HDTV ? all in all a bit of a 'state' at the moment. If it were me if I was really keen of getting being HDTV ready then I would ensure I bought a TV set/system that has the agreed EU HDMI sticker on it (High definition media interface) or more likely I would wait a year or two. the BBC will not be fully widescreen until 2010 and ITV haven't annnounced any plans yet for HDTV. You're thinking of spending a lot of money, think very hard before jumping in. Regards, yt.

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