£1000 - but which lap top ?

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    I am looking into a pc laptop for business.
    My local shops are some help, but I don't have all the magazines nor have a feel for what's really that important / up to date on the machines. I don't need gaming stuff for example!
    I am mostly using it for image based applications and will run Photoshop CS2 and others. I'm told Dual / Quad Core is not all that important on such applications, but is that sales patter?

    In this image-based enviroment, it would benefit from being quick at number crunching and have a good screen and kepboard and be able to take the digital cards, off load images, store and burn to disk images whilst on a shoot.

    I was looking at 2gb of RAM with a dual core processor, and a decent hard drive, but I have plenty of off board HDs so I guess that's secondry (?).
    I noticed that HP make some devent looking lap tops at a round that price point.

    Any pearls of wisdon would be greatly received.

    Many thanks

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