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£1000 budget - I want to blow the walls out !


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I'm currently looking at subs and am more confused than I was over the rest of the speakers !! I have a max £1000 budget (I'd be very happy to spend less) but want to put a sub in that will really kick ass ! My personal preference is for fast, tight bass, rather than the wallowing rumble that I've heard from some subs. I hope that makes sense ?

Can anyone make any recommendations ?

Many thanks !


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I can think of few way better to blow your brains out than one of the SVS offerings like this or the PC-12-Plus cylinder variant if you're short of space and visually insensitive.

The rumbling monotonous quality you're worried about is far more to do with room positioning and once that's sorted, EQing out the room modes that are left. An Antimode available from BK electronics will sort that latter point out. The SVS subs certainly aren't guilty of such performance and I can think of little else for the price so capable of distorting your eyeballs.

I don't know why SVS subs have disappeared so quickly from the forums obligatory recommended list, but believe me as much as I think the Monolith to be stupid bargain for the money, these bad boys are a different class as they should be for more than double the price.



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I don't know why SVS subs have disappeared so quickly from the forums obligatory recommended list

I suspect it's because of the prices Russ.

A PB13 Ultra currently runs out at a tad over £1400, for instance.

While that's still pretty reasonable imo, it's not as good as it was is it?

Flaming exchange rates :mad:


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check out the classifieds, I'm sure there is a couple of downward firing svs PB12 +'s, and with your change you can buy an antimode.... Everyones a winner :)



Sshh!! I had my eyes on the Oak one, but it was too far away. I keep hoping I'll swing a job up that way and then I could make a genuine offer, wouldn't be fair otherwise as I couldn't spare the time to drive that far. I wouldn't care I've had numberous wanted adds for an Oak PB12 plus/ plus 2 but everytime one's come up I've not been in a position to buy one due to some recent expense or other. Then one turns up too far away...

The other one is much nearer, but happens to be black, which wouldn't do. I guess that's always the way though. The new models don't look discrete enough for my taste and the 'black sock' models just look silly IMHO.

I might buy myself an antimode anyway and hope that a PB12 turns up a bit nearer to me at some point.


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Apart from exchange rates making the product more expensive the lack of a UK supplier no longer being available is in my view the biggest reason.

When KHC were the distributor we used to have occasional get togethers when a new product was launched which generated interest and vibes which I am sure translated into sales.

Now that is no longer the case the product is almost maybe left withering on the vine.

They are still an awesome product and well worth the money but with a UK product (BK) available at substantially less with loads of positive chat/vibes going on all the time the inevitable has happened.

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