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£1000 budget but what technology to go for?



Ok, after spending sometime on this forum I’m no close to deciding what I need, I basically have around £1000 to spend on a TV items, to do the following:

- freeview TV
- xbox (chipped)
- xbox 360 in best possible res
- occasional PC connection
- HD-DVD/Blue Ray

The last two will be when the technologies are ready. I currently have a old Sanyo projector for watching movies & PC use and a 25” CRT for the TV and xbox.
I was planning on buying a £500 Epson TW10H projector and a Samsung 26” LCD TV but now I’m not sure! I want to be fully HD ready and be able to play the xbox 360 via a quality screen, either the projector or the LCD depending on occasion.

I really enjoy watching movies on the PJ at the moment as the size is great, and as I'm only home during the evening its normally dark and therefore not a problem with the light etc.

What would you guys go for? I could spend more a decent LCD, or just buy a 28” CRT and spend the rest on a better projector? I’ve kind of ruled out plasma as read you need to spend a lot to get a proper HD one, not scaled down etc.

Such confusion! It always seems there is a downside to some product.


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Look at DLP. :)


which projector though is truely HD ready, i.e 720i, 1080p etc?

Apparently the epson is not, and I cant imagine the Interfocus 4805 is ether as resolution doesnt seem high enough? I basically will probably need 2x items, if I can get a HD projector for sub £800 then I can spend the rest on a basic CRT for watching freeview etc.

The Samsung 32" is tempting but I'm not sure it will be big enough for movies as I currently use a projector. Also IMO all LCD's seem to look pretty poor for freeview and some gaming on normal 480 stuff.

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