£100 vs £1000 players and screen size



With a 28" television should I still be able to notice a difference in picture quality or are differences these days so minimal as to be only apparent on big screens.
I ask because I have had the opportunity of trying a £1000 machine and am totally unimpressed.There is simply no difference between it and my 2 year old £100 player on my television.I didn`t expect night and day on what is a small screen these days but I thought I might be able to tell the difference:confused:


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Differences between a £100 player and a £1000 player?

Quality of the multi channel audio playback in DVD
Quality of the CD playback
Quality of the picture especially if progressive component is used
Quality and capability to play other formats? SACD, DVD-A, VCD, SVCD etc

Will you notice any of these plugging into a 28" TV with stereo or Prologic sound.


Into a plasma with high quality AV amplifier and decent speakers?


Get balance from your system components, a £1000 DVD player into a £500 TV is wasted unless you are planning to upgrade in stages.


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