£10 off at tesco


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basically - at the checkout stage, you'll find a box where you can enter a coupon/voucher

enter the following:-


you will need to re-register each time using www.mailinator.com

tescos charge you for postage but ive ordered all 4 series of red dwarf at less than £8 each, the 4th series was less £6

my dad got master and commander and the last samurai foe less than £3 each

they also had a £25 voucher but it didnt last long and i dont think this one will either.

good luck

Indiana Jones

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I think this voucher has now gone the way of the last one, when I type it in it says it has been used the maximum number of times, shame that, was just about to order Master & Commander for £2.63 but at least I managed to pre-order Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow for the XBOX for under £22, dont think anywhere can beat that lol


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aye - looks like the £10 voucher has gone

apparantly there was a £40 one as well


has anyone tried to see if theres a £5 voucher ?

Indiana Jones

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I have tried £5, £10 and £15 and none of them work.

Also, seems most people who used the £25 voucher have been charged full price so I wouldnt be suprised if Tesco charges full price to people who used the £10 voucher :(


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theres actually a note at the checjout stage saying that your purchase becomes a contract at the moment your items are dispatched - and your card will then be charged.

but even if they do charge full whack - just send them back - i will!


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There was a long thread about this offer on another forum - started yesterday with a £25 code but that soon ran out then someone discovered the £10 code.

I ordered Master & Commander for £2.63!!

The problem is, someone highlighted tescos T & C's and they state that e-vouchers can only be used by the person they are awarded to etc.

Also a lot of people posted that they checked their on-line bank accounts and Tesco seem to be taking the full amount ie - my card may have been charged £12.63!!

So Tesco may well not honour this and cancel all orders or there's gonna be a battle with people contacting their CC companies over tesco taking the wrong amounts!

We'll wait and see how this one transpires!


Just tried at 10:10 and got the 'this voucher has been used the maximum number of times'. I'm using my PC at work and wondering if this is something to do with cookies being enable/not enabled or something like that.


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Yep just tried this again - looks like it's over folks!

Still got in orders for Spirited Away; M&C; and The Good Bad and the Ugly SE though!

Let's hope it works... :nono:

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