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Well here it is folks, time for an upgrade.

For the last 18 Months ~ 2 Years I've been running a Tannoy F3 5.1 system via an Onkyo TX-NR609.

Tannoy F3 floorstanders and Tannoy FC centre up front,
Tannoy F1 Customs rear, and
Tannoy TS-10 Subwoofer.

Which to be honest, is a really very good system. I've not been able to find fault with it, other than it being somewhat lacking in high end sparkle.

Until I was in the second hand shop the other day and came across a pair of B&W DM602.5 S3 floorstanders at a frankly crazy price, so I snapped them up with the intention of giving them a refurb and selling them on.

It would have been rude not to make sure they are working as expected before selling them on though.

They haven't moved since. They've replaced my F3 Floorstanders and the amp has been set to "Stereo" ever since.

Now I know why these Tannoys cost what they did. Time to move on!

I'm quite happy with my amp and can't see a reason to upgrade, that can stay just as it is.

Speakers wise I'm considering the B&W Theatre 684.

I don't like the idea of going back to standmounts up front, and to be honest, I like the idea of not having to use a sub. I much prefer to rid the discontinuity between where the fronts roll off and the sub kicks in and loose the absolute bottom end.

I probably have a 70/30 split between listening to music and watching movies, so musical finesse is more important to me than replicating the theatre bound all-action sub-excerting sound effects, but then if I do decide to spin a blu ray featuring Sam Witwicky or John McClane, I don't want to be left wanting more.

Of course I'd like to audition more than one set, so if anyone can recommend something other than the 684 theatre in the £1,500 (or so) range that might fit the bill I'd appreciate it :)

Thanks in advance! :hiya:


I just had a thought -

Instead of a 684 Theatre (which includes the sub) - how about 683s Front, 686s Rear, and HTM61 Centre?

Although the amp might struggle. Hmm.
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