£1,000 to spend on A/V Reciever, take a look at my short list pls!


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Jun 11, 2005
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I need a reciever to power my new 6.1 Focal.JMLab (3 x Sib XL + 3 x Sib) setup.
I want all the latest features on my reciever, but for now HDMI isnt THAT important seeing as i use a HTPC which has a DVI running straight to my projector. I would like a few compent inputs for PS2 and Satellite Box.

I have a few choices:

Denon 3805
Denon 3806
Arcam AV300
Marantz 7500
Marantz 8500
Yamaha RX-V2600

Any im missing??

Oh and do any of these amps upscale composite/s-video/component (480i) up to 720p component, i dont care about HDMI i need it to upconvert to component as well.

Thanks Guys
I would replace the Yamaha RXV2600 in that list with the RXV4600.
Ok ill check that one out as well, but what im really curious is how they stack up against each other, this will not be for listening to hours of stereo music, i just want a kick ass movie reciever!
Pioneer ?
Never really been a pioneer fan to be honest i know about the VSX-AX5Ai-S but im not too keen on it.
The Denon 3805 is a great machine. The Arcam AVR300 is amazing when setup right (takes time :) ) and is my current amp of choice.
You'd be mad not to at least demo an Arcam.
There all good and to be honest i doubt there a bad one in the bunch, you should find the yamaha 2500/2600 for cheaper than most of the others while still having the performance and with the 2600 more features.

The marantz is always suggested for a music leaning while the arcam is considered a more musical than movie (although i'm sure many might disagree).

Demo which ones you can and try and get a good price, go for looks and features otherwise as only a demo will tell you how they sound to you.
the 3805 is very nice for movies, demo'd that myself (i own a 3803 but cant afford to upgrad now...waaaaa...i want denonlink...waaaa...lol)

best bet would be demo them all, if you like the denons, see how much difference u get out of the 3805 to the 3806 (i think its out now).....if there isnt much and the connectivity is the same, u should be able to pick up the 3805 relatively cheap...give u some money left towards other stuff..lol
I like the NAD T773 but it doesnt have all the latest codecs, such as Dolby ProLogic IIx which i really want.
4600 is the more expensive brother with a better amp section and more features than the 2500, the 2600 has in some regards leapfrogged the 4600's features (it has upconversion to HDMI were as i don't think the 4600 has).
Now that i didnt know, i think i may have to consider this one now, i have always liked NAD.

Thanks Andy
Arcam AVR300
Marantz 8500
Rorel 1056
Denon 3805
Nad 773

I would say by this order IMHO
I think it would depend on what speakers you were driving, say for example B&W 604 i think some may be lacking in power to get the best out of them, if smaller speakers were used this would not be an issue.
Ill be using a Focal.JMLab setup, 3 x Sib XL at the front and 3 x Sib at the back.
Marantz 7500 then.
They can handle 100W so i want a reciever that actaully outputs 100w in 7 channel mode, not 50W like alot of recievers outhere seem to do that claim to output alot more.
The difference between 50w and 100w really won't be that much with respect to volume. It will alow the amp to have better control but most people will tell you that all channels driven pretty much no amp will reach its claimed and it really doesn't matter that much.
The NAD will definitely do rated power and will easily drive the most difficult speakers :). 2p's from experience.
Yeah im pretty tempted by the NAD, its just there is so much choice :D I am leaning towards the Denon 3806 though... Damm why is buying equipment so hard!!!
I don't know why you don't consider the yamaha (unless you don't like the redesigned look) if past experiece is anything to go by, the 2500 is everything the 3805 with even more features, the only thing missing to my knowledge is the ad hoc bi-amping fronts.
With the 2600 this is bought to another level with even better conectivity and if my 2500 is anything to go by pure direct is amazing, just sounds so good.

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