1. filbert42

    Camera & mic to use with laptop & Zoom for society meeting

    Hi folks. I belong to a small society that has occasional lecture type meetings in, eg, a church hall and we'd like to make these available virtually. An experiment with my budget personal webcam (£30 Ausdom) using my Macbook and Zoom proved it's feasible. However, as you'd expect, the quality...
  2. Z

    Zoom NOT closing down but may well be going downhill

    It appears that Zoom may be winding their business down and closing in April. They are not featuring upcoming releases which are not imminent on their website and have begun cancelling preorders for releases coming out after the end of March. Sad news, if they are closing.
  3. mudddy

    Question Zoom Video Sound Problem

    Fairly new to using Zoom on a PC and having an issue when playing video in screen share mode. Basically when I share screen with others in the Zoom call and I play a video, I'm checking the box at the bottom to share the sound, although the others can all hear the video sound, I can't hear...
  4. A

    Zoom installation error - 10006

    Hi, I am having problems installing the Zoom client (free membership) on my Windows 8 laptop. I am getting an error 1006. The installation goes from 0 to 98% but then gives this error. Suggestions on the Zoom website are: 10006 (during installation) The target disk is full. Antivirus...
  5. A

    Question How to fix problem with Poly (Polycom) Studio camera not picking up people who talk low, due to distance?

    Hi, We have a Poly (Polycom) Studio that we use for video calls such as through Zoom. We have a problem with our Poly (Polycom) Studio camera not picking up people who talk low, due to distance. During one of our last Zoom calls using the Poly Studio, this camera had problems picking up sound...
  6. D

    ZOOM email meeting invitations?

    Would appreciate advice/suggestions on the subject of sending Zoom meeting invitations. Several times, I've organised/scheduled a Zoom meeting and sent email invitations using the text provided by the Zoom email invitation system but when the participants receive the email, the provided link to...
  7. billybop

    Question My friends talk on zoom

    My question is, i dont have a camera on my computer, should i look for a decent used Laptop, or can i add a camera to my computer, im not very clever with a computer thank you for any advice coming my way cheer...,Ray :)
  8. LicensedTaximan

    Zoom deals on Disney.

    "Zoom" are doing some very good deals on Disney blu-ray, especially for 3D fans like me. Some of their latest 3D releases are available on a two for £15 promotion. I ordered "Frozen 2" and "Onward". The specific link is below. https://www.zoom.co.uk/category/disney_time_2_3d_blu_rays_for_15
  9. JL12W7

    Question Zoomed 16: image to remove balck bars top and bottom how does he do it.

    Watching this video can anyone answer the question I assume he is using a 16:9 screen ratio as it resembles a 16:9 screen how does this guy manage to shift the video content from 16;9 with balck bars top and bottom to zoom out and retain full aspect ratio meaning they get rid of the black bars...
  10. D

    Question Is Your Picture Format Setting Still Working?

    I have a 70PUS6704/12 and ever since the TPM196E_091.003.051.041 Saphi software update the Picture Format setting has stopped working. I can still access the setting and select the various options, e.g. stretch, zoom, fit to screen, etc., but the image on the screen no longer changes. This...
  11. meltonboy

    Fire stick screen zoom issue

    my first gen fire stick has an annoying zoom thing in the menus. It’s fine for the actual material. I have latest firmware. If I go to the screen settings and zoom out it just puts a black border around the visible area. The resolution is set to auto but does the same for 720p. Any tips please...
  12. M

    Question Need recommendation for a long throw/big zoom DLP (1080p)

    Hi, I'm looking for a Full HD DLP with a long throw and/or large zoom area. In my case, it needs to fill a 2m wide screen from a distance of 4 meters. The only DLP under 1000 Euros I could find was the Optoma HD39Darbee. Anybody know of any other affordable DLPs that fit this criteria? Most...
  13. Soundwave

    Oppo Reno 10x Zoom - Will it work in the US

    Hi all, About to upgrade my phone this weekend & have decided on the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom only now I can't seem to find any details if it will work in the US This is a fairly big deal as we are off to Florida at the end of October so need it to be ok for working out there lol Does anyone know...
  14. seawanderer

    Question Looking for a new phone... should i go for 7.2, One Zoom, Mi9T pro or something else?

    Im trying to find a new phone that is a massive upgrade from my S5 Active . i rarely buy new phones. i have these requirements: - MUST have good battery life (3500mah+) - Durable. I am outdoor a lot / every day, so a phone that doesn't break when it falls on the floor or on the ground 1-2 times...
  15. F

    Question Looking for a cheap around £30 digital compact camera with a big zoom for use at stadium concerts ?

    Hell I am look for a digital compact camera with a big zoom for concerts and sporting events like WWE and stadium gigs. I currently have Fuji Bridge camera which is good for most things like NFL games and other stuff . However at concerts and some events big cameras are not allowed. So I...
  16. dumblediddy

    480p in 4k or1080p

    Hey guys. I'm in a bit of a quandary here. I'm going through a bit of a retro phase here, and enjoying my original xbox. It's running in 480p, and on my 39" Panasonic it looks nice, apart from the jaggies. I'm looking into perhaps taking a leap to 4k, but would only stretch to a 40" since i...
  17. johnny777

    Oh how to use my £5 Zoom voucher

    Took advantage of the Zoom boxset deal, and got the only one worth getting (IMHO)......Blue Planet 2 for £17.09 and the friendly people at Zoom have kindly sent me a £5 voucher with my dispatch confirmation. Just looking through the list, and the Jurassic steelbooks take my eye. All 4 for £70...
  18. bullterrier

    King kong 4k bluray £10 at zoom ltd stocks

    Just ordered king kong 4k for a bargain price new at zoom.co.uk
  19. 4

    Mission Impossible 1-5 UHD Steelbooks now live @ Zoom

    Not sure about the price though £100 for all 5 or £24.99 each. Seems to be the new price point for UHD Steelbooks. Poor artwork as well. Mission Impossible: Limited Edition 4K Steelbooks | ZOOM.co.uk
  20. TaurusDevil

    Zoom Lense

    I have a Canon EOS 350D and I'm looking at getting a zoom lense. Any advice would be appreciated thanks!
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