1. sraper

    Best whole house smart system

    I'm just about to purchase a house on South Coast near Torquay. The plan is a "complete" refurbishment. Hopefully underfloor heating (with either ASHP or GSHP) lots of rewiring and plumbing, alarm system, CCTV, connected smoke alarms (as 3 story property). What is the best, flexible smart...
  2. EatingSnakes

    25 devices - WiFi or Zigbee?

    Hi guys. The 25 smart devices can have their own router if I go the WiFi route, just not sure how much interference to expect with my main network. Thoughts please, WiFi or Zigbee? I'll probably end up using home assistant as a hub ES
  3. CH1C0

    Zigbee Switch advice

    I’m trying to set up some dimmable LED Kitchen lights. I’ve an electrician but haven’t been involved with Smart lighting before, partly why I wanted to take on this project. So far I have installed a Zigbee Hub & linked 3 sets of lights all with iolloi dimmers. I thought, incorrectly I could...
  4. Winger15mk

    Zigbee 1 Gang No Neutral Switch Module

    Hi everyone! I hope this is ok here, apologies if not. I purchased a Zigbee 1 gang no neutral switch module from Ali Express. Went to install it today and couldn’t get it to work, I just wanted to double check it wasn’t my wiring before sending it back as faulty and wondered if anyone else has...
  5. xxGBHxx

    Google, Apple, Zigbee and Amazon Agree to Develop Single IOT Connectivity Standard

    Some fairly huge news announced in the last few days https://www.connectedhomeip.com/ To quote "Project Connected Home over IP is a new Working Group that plans to develop and promote the adoption of a new, royalty-free connectivity standard to increase compatibility among smart home...
  6. L

    2-wire (no neutral) Zigbee Smart Switch

    I’ve been developing a 2-wire (no neutral) Zigbee Smart Switch for the UK & EU market and have just completed my latest prototype. I’m planning a Kickstarter campaign to pay for manufacturing/certification costs in a month or two but before I did that I thought I'd share some images. Do you...
  7. A

    Question New hub:Both Zigbee and Z-wave, locally controlled

    Did anyone check out this Mixtile Hub on Indiegogo? It supports both Z-Wave and ZigBee, and most importantly it is locally controlled and has pre-paired sensors. Looks really promising, any thoughts? Mixtile Hub: Automate Your Home in 5 Minutes
  8. pinnocchio

    Bargain OSRAM B22 Colour and White Zigbee bulbs under £14

    There's a load of these on Amazon at the moment. The reviews aren't great and I have no personal experience of them, but I managed to order half a dozen about 20 minutes ago when they were £14 each for new ones. Amazon.co.uk: Buying Choices: Osram Lightify Smart Home Connected Warm White to...
  9. DinoKustas

    Question Fibaro with bluetooth/RF/zigbee?

    Howdy, Has anyone managed to integrate any other systems with Fibaro which allow for control over bluetooth, RF, zigbee devices etc? Thanks!
  10. aMaZeInG

    Question Help me keep my projector cool in the chimney!

    So the idea was to make a hole for the the projector in the chimney breast so like all my in wall speakers the projector could be concealed.My main concern is that projector will over heat in no time at all as there is no ventilation apart from out the front. I have a few ideas like putting a...
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