1. G

    Are the Dali Opticons worth the upgrade from Dali Zensor 3's

    I was looking into this some time ago but got side tracked with the Rubicon 2's, which never came to fruitian. Some very helpful folk's inter-jected and helped me spend my money (@gibbsy !) and i ended up purchasing a Jolida Glass FX Tube DAC III, wow what a purchase and difference to the sound...
  2. S

    For Sale Dali Zensor Pico pair (walnut)

    Excellent condition, £90
  3. D

    Question Dali Opticon 8 vs Dali Zensor 7....worth upgrading to opticon?

    Hi, I currently have a pair of Dali zenzor 7’s, zensor vokal and a REL T9i. Powered by a denon x2300. This is in a large open family area with a dining area and kitchen in the same space. It is a “L” shaped room around 10m long for the length of the “L”, 6m wide down the length of the “L” and...
  4. J

    Looking for Dali Zensor 1AX remote control

    Hi, I lost my remote control, so I am desperately looking for a spare one. I contacted my local dealer, but they say they are not sure if this will be sold seperately. And if it is, it could take up months before they receive it. So my question is: does anyone have a spare one, or maybe tips how...
  5. D

    Question Dali Zensor 5 : rubbish in a large room!

    Hi folks! I'm exaggerating a teensy bit in the title! I have a pair of these speakers which have only had light use - approx 150 hours. (Just a standard two-speaker set-up - no sub-woofer, etc.) For the small lounge in my old house they sounded rather good. However my new house has a larger...
  6. P

    Dali Zensor 1 v Q Acoustics 3010?

    Anyone got a view on which would work best with an old Aiwa C30/P30 combo? I like clear, detailed presentation over thumping bass and these would be used mostly for streaming rather than cd or vinyl. Would love to hear what you think!
  7. Kev Ratters

    Question Dali Zensor 5.1 Package

    After some advice and opinions. I currently have a Dali Zensor 5.1 System that is being replaced with some B&W 700 series. I will look to move the Dali's on, they are in great condition with very little signs of wear. The setup consists of Centre Zensor 5 Floor Stands Zensor 1 Surrounds...
  8. smeza

    Receiver vs. power amplifier recommendation (for Dali Zensor 7)

    My speakers Dali Zensor 7 are currently running on Marantz NR 1508. For movies I also have Dali Zensor vokal and two smaller surround speakers After speaking with local HIFI dealer and some internet research I believe that it might be a good idea to deliver more power to my speakers. As my...
  9. MaybeAV

    Front speakers to match Dali Zensor Pico Vokal center speaker

    I'm in a bit of a conundrum. I'm building up a small Home Cinema system and have an AVR (Denon X200H) and a center speaker (Dali Zensor Pico Vokal) but do not have front Left/Right speakers. I can't seem to find the Dali Zensor Pico bookshelf speakers anywhere to buy in the UK either new or...
  10. georgeccole

    Question Help required - Dali Zensor 1

    Hi everyone, I have recently been given two Dali Zensor 1 speakers and a Monacor SA-100 amp and after a bit of researching, it seems like I have gotten myself a nice little bit of kit. The problem is - I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing when it comes to sound. Built many PC's and systems...
  11. G

    Monitor Audio Radius 90 vs Dali zensor 3

    Hi I have a 5.1.2 set up in my small bedroom...its 5.5m X 4.5m Front high (as dolby) are cambridge audio small cubes as I have lack of room, so these are fine.... The centre is monitor audio radius 200, the rear surrounds are monitor audio radius 45 ( again, no room for much else at all), sub...
  12. R

    Zensor 1 ax subwoofer output issues

    hey all, I bought a couple pairs of the dali zensor 1 ax speakers a couple months ago and tried hooking up my subwoofer to them using the dedicated subwoofer output. I am using my owm homemade subwoofer system using 2 jl audio subs and amps. I used this system with an old stereo mini hifi...
  13. YYDeckard

    RXV673 + Dali Zensor 5.1 System query - Sell separately or as a whole ?

    Just asking really whether I should sell my system as a whole or split it all down and sell it all separately - Any thoughts ?
  14. J

    Dali Zensor 3 Upgrade Advice

    Hi there, Brand new to the forums and after a bit of advice from more knowledgeable folk, please! I currently have a set of Dali Zensor 3's powered by a mini system (Denon Dm42 DAB) at 30 watts per channel (6 ohm). Whilst I have been fairly impressed with this little system and the quality...
  15. athalward

    Dali Zensor 7 stereo receiver election

    Hello everyone, Also, I've been looking for a while for a stereo receiver for my new house system for the living room (30 sq meters aprox). I want it for music listening from Spotify/network mostly, and also having future multiroom speaker system addons in other rooms. Not HT focused, but my...
  16. MiguelF

    Spektor 6 vs Zensor 5

    Hi guys, between the Dali Spektor 6 and the Dali Zensor 5 speakers, which do you think better to connect to a Marantz PM6006 UK Edition?
  17. S

    New amplifier recommendation (for Dali Zensor 7)

    Hello, guys as per title my brother is looking for an amplifier for his Dali zensors 7. Currently, he has Denon 2600H receiver (initially he planned for a home cinema system, but changed his mind later) and he was blown away when I connected my Yamaha as3000. The sound improved drastically...
  18. S

    Question DALI Zensor to be used as ATMOS speakers powered by Denon

    Hello - I have Dali Oberon 7 (Front L+R) plus Dali Zensor Vokal and Dali 9F subwoofer plus 4 x Zensor 1 powered by Denon AVRX2400H AV Receiver. Due to the room set-up, all four zensor 1 are placed on a wall bracket close to the ceiling slightly toed towards the listening position. My...
  19. SmartyUK2000

    Question Best amp for Dali Zensor 5 speakers

    Hi, my current amp, a Denon PMA-720, is starting to play up and I think will soon be due to replace it. I have Dali Zensor 5 speakers. What would people recommend as a suitable replacement that compliments the Dali's - I hear Cambridge gear doesn't go well with Dali's, too bright? I did think of...
  20. Killswitch 73

    Bargain AMD Ryzen 7 2700X - 3.7GHz 8x Core Processor 16 Thread CPU £167.98

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