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  1. smeza

    Receiver vs. power amplifier recommendation (for Dali Zensor 7)

    My speakers Dali Zensor 7 are currently running on Marantz NR 1508. For movies I also have Dali Zensor vokal and two smaller surround speakers After speaking with local HIFI dealer and some internet research I believe that it might be a good idea to deliver more power to my speakers. As my...
  2. athalward

    Dali Zensor 7 stereo receiver election

    Hello everyone, Also, I've been looking for a while for a stereo receiver for my new house system for the living room (30 sq meters aprox). I want it for music listening from Spotify/network mostly, and also having future multiroom speaker system addons in other rooms. Not HT focused, but my...
  3. S

    New amplifier recommendation (for Dali Zensor 7)

    Hello, guys as per title my brother is looking for an amplifier for his Dali zensors 7. Currently, he has Denon 2600H receiver (initially he planned for a home cinema system, but changed his mind later) and he was blown away when I connected my Yamaha as3000. The sound improved drastically...
  4. Killswitch 73

    Bargain AMD Ryzen 7 2700X - 3.7GHz 8x Core Processor 16 Thread CPU £167.98

  5. K

    Tannoy Mercury V4i

    Hello fellas, As I am planning to purchase these floorstanders for a good price /a friend of mine coming from abroad/, please share with me your opinion about them. Are they harsh/aggressive, how is the midrange quality, is the bass fast and controlled? Does the aluminium tweeter sound...
  6. K

    Dali Zensor 7 - honest opinion

    Hello guys! As I'm planning to purchase a pair of Dali Zensor 7, please share with me your opinion about them. Are they really that bright and shrill as some of the members here describe them? Is the bass enough or is it on the thin side? Thanks.
  7. S

    Help setup Dali Zensor 7 Floorstanding Speaker Package on Denon AVR-X6400H

    Hi guys, I have recently bought a Denon AVRX6400H AV Receiver and a Dali Zensor 7 Floorstanding Speaker Package. Here is a list of the speaker hardware I got. 2x Dali Zensor 7 Floorstanding Speakers 4x Dali Zensor 3 speakers 1x Dali Zensor Vokal middle speaker 1x Dali E-12-F subwoofer It's a...
  8. K

    Dali Zensor 7 - room size

    Hello guys! I have decided to buy a pair of Dali Zensor 7 speakers but before purchasing it I want to make sure that they are not going to be an overkill for a room size of about 20-25 sq. m. Please share your opinion if they are too large for around 3 meters listening position. Thanks in advance!
  9. K

    Tannoy Mercury V4i vs Dali Zensor 7

    Hello guys! Please share with me your impressions of both speakers as I am unable to test them in my city. A relative of mine will bring them from abroad for a really good price so your help is really appreciated. Are the highs of the DALI really that bright? Are the V4i as good as the old V4...
  10. T

    Question Dali Zensor 7 vs Opticon 6/8 and suitable amplifier questions

    Hello, A HiFi newbie here looking for advice on first 'proper' system purchase. I currently own a Sony HT-DDWG800 5.1 system which includes the STR-KG800 amplifier. It hasn't been used for the last several years as I was moving home frequently and got myself a more compact system for music...
  11. S

    Kef 500 vs Dali Zensor 7

    Just wondering your views on a change from Dali Zensor 7 to Kef R500. Running a Cambridge 851 Amp and CXN streamer a 4M x 4M room.I like the Dalis but have a chance of some rarely used Kef 500.Ive never listen to any Kefs and have no way of demoing them. Would this change be a worthwhile...
  12. U

    Question Stereo speaker advice

    Hello, I am about to make my first stereo speaker purchase, and would highly appreciate some advice. The biggest doubt I have is in regards to my room, which is relatively large and open, albeit living room area separated by a kitchen counter, which is half the height of the room. I have...
  13. avrilc

    Answered Help needed, which speaker pairing for CA CXA 60? Dali or Monitor Audio?

    Hi all, Decision between Dali Zensors or Monitor Audio Silver Range for Cambridge Audio CXA 60: Room Size: 16 ft x 18 ft (4 x 5 m's) approx Budget 1,500 Pounds ish :) I listen to all sorts of music, pop, country, bluegrass and folk. I am buying a new system. I have decided on the Cambridge...
  14. Maxwel

    Question Atmos 5.1.2 or 7.1.2, worth it?

    I recently got a Marantz Sr7011 to power my Dali 5.1 set up which is an amazing upgrade from my previous Onkyo, however I'm now open to further upgrades and considering the Dali Alteco's as either front upward firing or height speakers as a starting point. I can't really have them sat on my...
  15. S

    Dali Zensor 7 vs PMC GB1

    Unable to demo the PMC,which would you recommend ? And Why
  16. S

    Speaker Upgrade From Dali Zensor 7

    Im in the process of setting up a second system, using Cambridge CX60 Cambridge CXN streamer No CD , I stream Flac files from NAS drive through the CXN. Currently using Dali Zensor 7's in a room 4 x 4 m square, wooden floor. Im after a speaker upgrade that will blow the Dalis away [floor...
  17. L

    Q acoustics 3050 vs Dali zensor 7

    Has anyone heard both Q Acoustics 3050 and the Dali Zensor 7, I know they are both in the same price bracket but just wanted to see what peoples thoughts are?
  18. N

    Question Denon AVR-X2200W or Yamaha RX-A850 for Dali Zensor 7

    Hi guys, I'm trying to build a home cinema/music setup. I have decided on the Dali Zensor 7 for fronts and either Zensor 1 or 3 for the back and I'm trying to narrow down the AVR choice. I'm between the Denon AVR-X2200W and the Yamaha RX-A850, but from the reviews I'm struggling to figure out...
  19. CarlitoGR

    Question What av receiver to drive Dali Zensor 7

    Hi!I am a new member in avforum and i need your help.I desided to buy the dali zensor 7 for L/R speakers of my hc but i am confused about what amp to choose.I was between 1) Sony STR-DN1050 , 2) Denon AVR-X2200W , 3) Yamaha RX-V779 .Then reading in to forums i got the impression that i need to...
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