1. lpoolm

    How to check fault codes on a 16 plate vauxhall zafira

    The other half's engine light has come on. Does anyone know how to do a self test to give me a rough idea on the fault. Every youtube video I check says press brake/accelerator then turn key to two and will show the codes, most of these videos seem old maybe why they don't work for me? Is anyone...
  2. C

    Digital Coolant Temp Gauge not working

    Hi I have a 2017 Zafira Tourer 1.6 (6971 miles). The digital coolant temp gauge stopped working yesterday. The heater is working as normal. Also their is no workshop manual for this car, which is a pain. Any ideas please as to what the problem could be. Thanks Dave
  3. GalacticaActual

    Zafira fault codes

    Hi all Mrs zafira playing up. Went onto. Limp mode, then starting running ok again. Engine light on and we have found the codes on the pictures. I have looked them up but can't find the right info. Can anyone helpPlease?
  4. Aytonmuppet

    Vauxhall Zafira MOT Failure

    I took my Zafira Tourer to my local main Vauxhall dealer for an annual service. They told me that the front brake pads needed replaced which I duly agreed to and paid for. Three months later the car was in at the same dealership for an MOT. I received a phone call from the service manager to...
  5. D

    Zafira B Blower Fan Problems

    I am trying to help out a friend, she has a 2008 Zafira B Elite with the automatic climate control. She had the blower and resister pack changed as part of the recall last November but it wasn't until a few weeks ago I was told the fan has never worked. Contacted Vauxhall and they have said its...
  6. GalacticaActual

    Zafira B ecu error codes

    Hi all Had the car and spanner light come on last night on the Mrs 1. 9 cdti zafira B I have done the peddle test and the codes are on the attached pictures. I have done a search but can't really seem to find the exact ones pointing to the problem Any one have any ideas? And more...
  7. GalacticaActual

    Zafira! The ongoing saga...

    Hi all Me again😉 Sooo.... Mrs zafira went for MOT yesterday, it passed, but since then it has developed an intermittent sqeak, sqeal from the drivers side wheel area. Also a knocking rumble noise also intermittent and when you go over a bump its more pronounced. Took it back to mot garage...
  8. GalacticaActual

    Vauxhall Zafira 2002 elegance automatic transmission problem

    Hello everyone. So , the Mrs Zafira is playing up again. Its an automatic transmission , and every so often seems to get stuck at 40MPH. Sometimes 3 or 4 times in the space of the journey, sometimes just once while out. Revs dont go up or down and power seems to drop. Then if you take your...
  9. AutoMotiveTech

    Vauxhall Zafira Alternator Removal (1.6 2005)

    Hi, I've gone to remove an alternator from a Zafira only to find there isn't enough space to remove the lower bolt without lowering the engine! Has anyone come across this before/knows a solution without having to lower the engine? Thanks in advance!
  10. GalacticaActual

    02 plate Zafira Spanner light on every so often

    Hello all. The Mrs Zafira has the spanner light (the one over a small picture of a car) coming on intermittently. Its usually coming on when driving, but will either go off again while still traveling or not come on after the car has been turned off and then restarted. So far its not going in...
  11. imightbewrong

    Vauxhall Zafira Bs might catch fire

    FYI Vauxhall issues alert over Zafira fires - BBC News More than 130 owners have reported overheating problems behind the glove-box area, some of which have resulted in fires. Vauxhall is investigating the problem, but has not yet issued a full recall. The affected model is the Zafira B. It...
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