1. sraper

    Best whole house smart system

    I'm just about to purchase a house on South Coast near Torquay. The plan is a "complete" refurbishment. Hopefully underfloor heating (with either ASHP or GSHP) lots of rewiring and plumbing, alarm system, CCTV, connected smoke alarms (as 3 story property). What is the best, flexible smart...
  2. A

    Question New hub:Both Zigbee and Z-wave, locally controlled

    Did anyone check out this Mixtile Hub on Indiegogo? It supports both Z-Wave and ZigBee, and most importantly it is locally controlled and has pre-paired sensors. Looks really promising, any thoughts? Mixtile Hub: Automate Your Home in 5 Minutes
  3. S

    Question Philips Hue and switches...

    Hi all, I am currently wiring a new home from scratch...brand new to smart homes and looking for your advice having done quite a lot of research. I would like to use the Philips Hue bulbs but, like many, have concerns about the ability to operate them with a physical switch. So I would like...
  4. T

    Keyless Z-Wave Lock with Mode to Always Stay Unlocked?

    I am looking for a recommendation on a Keyless Z-Wave lock that has a Mode in which I cam make it always Unlocked. I will be renting my own home out as a vacation rental. I have five bedrooms and there is one bedroom in the house that I will use for storage unless there are above 10 guests. I...
  5. A

    Question Dual gang dimmer (z-wave)

    I'm looking for a dual gang dimmer switch to control two LED lighting circuits in a room. The only product I have found is the LightwaveRF, which would require a bridge to integrate with my Pi/z-wave system. Also, I understand that Lightwave is stateless which does not allow to query states for...
  6. B

    Light Z-Wave

    Hi I have a Light Switch with 2 switches (one for main light, the other for a wall lamp connection which is rarely used). I am also in the process if purchasing the Vera Edge Plus box. I would like to retain both connections and with the option to use each separately or at the same time. I...
  7. M

    3 or 4 buttons switch to control Z-Wave plugs through Wink Hub 2

    What do we have: 1. Plugs - Zooz Z-Wave Plus Mini Plug On / Off Module ZEN07, Cert. #ZC10-16085170 - 3 items; 2. Wink Hub 2 - 1 item; 3. Plugs are connected to Wink Hub 2. What do we need: 1. To have a wired (or battery powered) ON/OFF switch with 3 or 4 buttons, which will control these...
  8. DinoKustas

    Nest + Fibaro + Z-Wave Radiator Valves

    Howdy all, Has anyone done this? Fibaro HC2 + Nest + Z-Wave Radiator Valves? Is the Fibaro able to control the temperatures in different rooms via the valves as well as then have the Nest functionality? Or would I be better off going with a z-wave thermostat and z-wave valves? Any input...
  9. bam27beer

    have lightwave but looking into z-wave /zapato /vera

    hi all i've been reading some posts over time ,and have had a lightwave setup for a while, one thing i like about lightwave is easy retrofit and the 3 way relay for £30 :) , sparks by trade so get one of these ,a few contactors easy remote isolation , but now seen other hubs can control there...
  10. C

    Eon Touch Smart thermostat - Z-wave ?

    I was looking at the Eon's offering for a smart thermostat/heating system - called the Touch. From the website it look like the thermostat and relay are Danfoss Z-wave enabled components, and then theres some unbranded hub. Has anyone tried this ? I'm just wondering whether it would be possible...
  11. M

    Aeotec Z-Wave Recessed Door Sensor GEN5

    Hi Anyone know if there is a difference between the ones on [email protected]£29 and the ones on every other site @£40 ish Aeotec ZW089-C Z-Wave Recessed Door Sensor GEN5: Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools Ta
  12. P

    Question Z Wave - Boiler and Heating Control Q's

    Hi, I am about to embark on having a new extension built on our property and this will include the following in addition to the building work - CCTV Install - Burglar alarm replacement - New Combi Boiler and (wet) underfloor heating install Having trawled the internet I have stumbled across...
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