YouView is a smart TV set-top box platform in the United Kingdom, developed by a partnership of three telecommunications operators and four broadcasters. It was formed from a project originally titled "Project Canvas", which was rebranded as YouView in September 2010. The service was due to launch by the end of that year, but was delayed until 4 July 2012. At its launch, YouView's then-Chairman Alan Sugar stated his ambition for the service to replace Freeview devices.
YouView provides access to free-to-air Digital Terrestrial Television channels (both DTT and DVB-T2 channels in common with the Freeview television platform) and to TV on demand (catch-up TV) services via a 'hybrid' set-top box purchased by users, connected with both a broadband Internet connection and a normal television aerial. No contract is required, and there is no subscription charge. Catch-up and on-demand content is delivered over the Internet, which may be chargeable by the Internet service provider (ISP) or subject to limits and fair usage clauses.
BT and TalkTalk have each partnered with YouView, allowing BT TV and TalkTalk Plus TV customers to access the service, along with BT's and TalkTalk's own offerings. Both companies provide customers with their own branded YouView set-top box.
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  1. Erby1889

    Help with 43inch TV for parents please

    My parents are looking for a new TV. They have a BT youview box that they use for everything, they don’t watch DVDs and they don’t play games. They are looking for a 43inch screen. They only have a budget of approximately £300. I could add some to it to increase the budget to £400 tops if...
  2. Lewie

    Question Youview 372T HDD clone

    I know thus an old model but a mate had sold it on eBay - the ‘buyer’ returned saying it was faulty - he’d obviously swapped it with his- I thought I might swap the HDD in it for for one of the kids to use But now apparently the software is no longer available- could I clone the drive from an...
  3. Bex4646

    Question Sony A95L YouView app mini guide and subtitles not working

    Recently both the on screen mini guide and the subtitles have stopped working via the youview app on the sony A95L. Factory reset of the app fixed it last night but this morning the same issue. I can access subtitles via the TV accessibility settings but only need subtitles for some programs...
  4. T

    Sony Bravia purchased in France to bring to UK

    Hello. I need some advice and wondering if anyone can help. I am currently living in France and intend to purchase a Sony Bravia to use here for the next 18 months. My question is, upon my return to the UK, asides from having to use a mains power adapter, will I be able to access the inbuilt on...
  5. M

    Question Missing Freeview channels - box or aerial issues?

    Hi all, We are currently having an issue with missing Freeview channels via our BT Humax DTR T2100 box. We’ve had the box for over 5 years, no issues until the last two weeks when all the HD channels became unwatchable (black screen and no sound). We assumed that it was the hot weather/ high...
  6. Stuart Wright

    Click here for useful resources including on Freeview, YouView, streaming boxes & services

    This forum is for discussing the content on digital terrestrial & streaming TV. For discussing digital terrestrial & streaming TV hardware and services, use our dedicated forums here:
  7. P

    All in one freeview, Netflix etc?

    Currently have a youview box from bt which doesn't switch frame rate for apps Firestick another culpri. done some research and for some reason a lot don’t do Netflix. is there an all on one solution Netflix, prime. Disney, tvx, etc
  8. Anaglypta

    Official YouView forum to close from 1st July 2023

    Stand by for incoming! Announcement here:-
  9. mrwrighty

    Manhattan T3-R ongoing issues

    Taking my T3-R back for a refund, it froze 4 times today even after a reset yet again. Really disappointed as I like the unit but just cannot live with the reliability. It came from Currys and no replacement available said they could order one but could take over a week which was worrying. Said...
  10. M

    Lower Picture Quality on BBC 101 since regional update

    My regional South West BBC area recently went to HD on ch101 since then when I watch 'Breakfast' the picture quality of this program looks less good than normal and doesn't have the sharpness of HD previously seen. I have heard that some of the regional areas have not yet gone to full HD (this...
  11. E

    Sony Bravia XR owners in the UK - Does TalkBack work on Live TV (YouView) EPG?

    Hi - I'm considering purchasing a Sony X90K (or X94K) for my father who is partially blind and therefore needs to use the screen reader for the menus. Does anyone who owns a X90K or X94K (or any recent Sony Android TV) know if the in-built Android TalkBack works on "Live TV & Catch-Up" (YouView)...
  12. A

    does BT youview box work over Virgin Media BB?

    Hi currently with BT FTTC contract coming to an end nr end of April 2023, getting 35Mps we use the BT youview freeview box every day to record freeview programs to watch later as hate ads so skip them all. I use an RJ45 to my switch which connects to my BT BB hub at the moment. I believe the...
  13. A

    does BT youview box work over Virgin Media BB?

    Hi currently with BT FTTC contract coming to an end nr end of April 2023, getting 35Mps we use the BT youview freeview box every day to record freeview programs to watch later as hate ads so skip them all. I use an RJ45 to my switch which connects to my BT BB hub at the moment. I believe the...
  14. S

    Control BT YouView box from a different location

    Hi, We've moved my Father in Law to a managed bungalow, as he has early onset dementia. This is great for him being somewhere close and retaining a fair bit of independence. He love his sport, so we have BT Sport and Sky sports via NOW, on his YouView box. Unfortunately this is new to his...
  15. M

    BT TV Box Pro - BT Youview IR Remotes Still Work!

    I just thought I'd post this for info in case it helps anyone else. I upgraded my faulty BT DTR-T4000 Youview Box to a BT TV Box Pro this week. There are only really minor differences between the features, but the main benefits seem to be responsiveness and (I'm pretty sure I not imagining it)...
  16. M

    Looking to Replace a Faulty Youview Box

    Hi - I'm a long time Youview user with BT DTR-4000 which is showing signs of dying! I'm looking to replace it but I know Youview is on the way out, so won't buy another Youview box. I want something as easy to use as Youview but the main features need to be watching TV and recording TV. Please...
  17. D

    Youview, Freeview or Freesat

    I am ditching Sky Q box, BT Youview Pro Box and subscriptions and will replace with one of the above. I can keep the BT Pro box and just pay BT the non-return fee which I think is about £100 but it leaves a lot of BT TV branding about, or, I could buy a Freeview or Freesat box. What would you...
  18. M

    Huawei Youview Box Refusing To Record Anything!!!

    Afternoon All, I've had for about 12 months a huawei youview box. Brilliant to have & record off freeview. But just recently it is point blank refusing to record a thing! Behind frustrated doesn't even begin to cover it🤬 So has anyone got an idea why it's doing this please? The channels I'm...
  19. M

    Which TVs are best to also replace a Youview box?

    All - I’m in the UK and I want to get a new TV while also ditching our Youview box to use the TV to record Freeview digital TV instead. I want to use an aerial, not a dish. I tried this with my few year old LG PLA9000, but the TV guide and recording interface sucks, so kept my Youview 4k box...
  20. owl61uk

    BT Youview box

    Can I start by saying I am complete techo phobe and have very limited knowledge on what I can and cannot do with the BT Youview box I am currently with BT and pay around £7 per month for the TV package. For that all I seem to get is the Youview box DTR T2100. This allows me to record 2...
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