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  1. S

    Question How do I get AirPlay to work with my Yamaha RX-V6A / TSR-700?

    I just can't figure this out. Every other feature I've tested works. I've tried to set it up in Home app, and just trying to send something through AirPlay to the receiver, but the receiver never pops up for anything. I don't see a lighted AirPlay symbol on the receiver display, but not sure if...
  2. S

    Bargain Yamaha TSR-700 (RX-V6A) for $329 @ CostCo until Feb 7 [$69 off CostCo price, $269 off normal]

    CostCo Page Online and in-store! Just grabbed mine yesterday.
  3. KP191

    Yamaha rx-v667 keeps turning off

    Hi all my receiver has been stored in our attic for the past 9 months. There was no sound when turned on. I tried cleaning the headphone jack and that wasn't it. Then I tried the reset to restart by pushing main zone, Info and tone control buttons simultaneously and it turned on but seems to...
  4. B

    Yamaha HTR 4072 no sound on BT headphones only when playing trough hdmi

    Hi, After couple of months roaming around here i finally got enough info and got myself HTR-4072 which checked all the boxes for me, and everything was flawless until i hit a wall and just can't wrap my head around this problem. The AVR connects with my Soundcore LifeQ30 bt headphones i can...
  5. Real Ramona

    Question Selecting the right sound mode on a Yamaha HTR 2067

    So I bought one of these, with the 5.1 speaker setup. Its not state of the art I know but better than what I had :/ The shop said that the unit can detect what the incoming sound stream is and set itself accordingly. Now I am not sure if its doing that. Frequently it tries to set itself to...
  6. J

    For Sale Yamaha WXAD-10 / WXC-50

    I'm offering for sale one of my two MusicCast streamers - I'm happy to sell either of them (but not both!). Yamaha WXAD-10 streamer bought in January 2020 from Yamaha Music. This has been connected to my second system and used very sparingly. Currently selling for around £140 new. I'm asking...
  7. Dougy59

    Question Yamaha rn602, what speakers.

    I have bought a Yamaha rn602 amp and can't wait to use it but! What speakers. They will be wall mounted (no options) budget around £250-£300 been looking at bw685 but I have no idea why and hard to find. Any suggestions for alternative 2nd hand speakers. Mainly going to be used for listening to...
  8. CatManDo

    Replacement for Yamaha YSP 2500

    Hi all can anyone recommend a good alternative for the Yamaha ysp 2500? I have the following plugged directly into my TV: Sky Xbox Apple TV Then I use arc to soundbar. I’d like to get some better sound formats like Atmos from Apple TV. thanks
  9. G

    Yamaha SUB 100 vs NS-SW100

    Hi all, I'm trying to decide between the SUB 100 and the NS-SW100. I've compared them on the Yamaha website (attached) but since I'm not an expert I don't know how the various numbers translate into sound quality. The SUB 100 has a smaller cone (8" instead of 10"), but seems to be more powerful...
  10. S

    Yamaha 209 Soundbar Issue (Help)

    Recently bought a Yamaha Yas 209 soundbar which is connected to my Samsung UE48H6400 tv. The soundbar is connected by ARC and was working without issue but isn't now connecting to the TV, the built in Alexander works. My cat has a habit of jumping onto my tv stand which is where the soundbar...
  11. E

    Question Issues operating MusicCast / Chromecast - Yamaha RX-A680

    Hi Everyone, First post here so please go easy as I am getting desperate... I recently upgraded to Yamaha RX-A680 which powers a few speakers and drives ATV4K to LG TV. I have google hub and was hoping to finally ask Google to play Apple Music (Google added Apple Music as another option to...
  12. Ightenhill

    Question Specific ? re the Yamaha Direct Mode (not Pure direct)

    The Direct Mode description in the manual is rather vague - all it mentions is it curs out unwanted circuitry.. I used to assume that it cut everything out including bass management (like pure) but I now see this isnt the case as if you turn the volume up the display indicates the sub is still...
  13. S

    For Sale Yamaha YAS-207 wireless soundbar and sub - REDUCED

    Hi there, After a front room upgrade I have my Yamaha yas-207 wireless soundbar and subwoofer for sale. It's in excellent condition and fully boxed (although the box isn't the original, it's the box from my new Yamaha setup but fits perfectly) Comes with original remote and instructions too...
  14. G

    Yamaha YSP-5600 Firmware

    Hi All, I've had a YSP-5600 since 2016, really nice piece of kit. I've had a recurring problem which happened about 2 years ago as well. The sound bar loses sound basically, it coincides with the Firmware version disappearing from Information - System. When it did it before and now rather than...
  15. E

    New Yamaha YSP soundbar?

    I’m wondering if we can expect new YSP soundbars from Yamaha. Their current line up has not been updated for a while. Anyone knows if Yamaha has any plan for a new YSP? Been trying to find an Dolby atmos, eArc, 3 hdmi input, less than a 1000cms long sound bar to use with my 48cx TV but I don’t...
  16. 1

    ~£500 receiver for TV/Music 2.1 setup

    I currently have a Yamaha RXV671 hooked up to some Q Acoustics 2050i floor standers, a Gemini II sub, an LG OLED55B9 and a Pro-ject Elemental turntable. The ancient receiver hooked up to my PC is dying, so I was looking at pinching the RXV671 and buying a new one for the living room. This...
  17. T

    Yamaha RX-V683 - Can I connect an external amp?

    Hi guys, I just received a Yamaha RX-V683 receiver and noticed that there are no main pre-outs but there are Zone 2 pre-outs. I would like to connect my external Bryston amp to power my 2 front Klipsch towers but struggling to find a way to connect it to this receiver. Can I use the Zone 2...
  18. M

    For Sale Yamaha RX V765 - AV receiver - 7.1

    Good general condition, some marks here and there. Works perfectly. Was used in a bedroom setup but hardly used for the last few years. Happy to post first if you have amazing feedback
  19. Tailspin91

    Crossover setting on yamaha rx-v657

    I have a 5.1 setup with an Energy S8.2 sub, Energy eXL25 FR/FL, an Energy HB-1 Center and unknown in-ceiling speakers that I use for SR/SL. The frequency range of the eXL25 are 42-20Khz and the HB-1 110-20Khz. The SR/SL are unknown. When I run YPAO setup on the RX-V657 it assigns a crossover...
  20. Russbmw

    Sony str 810 or Yamaha rx-v1067?

    Firstly, I appreciate these are not new bits of kit. I currently have a Sony str-810 in my summerhouse, which I mainly use for dj, gaming and occasional movies. It's powering a pair of floorstanding q acoustics as fronts, Celestion 5 speaker surround using the centre, surround Rears and 2...
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