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  1. A

    Yamaha RX-A780: will it get HDR10+ support through FW upgrade?

    Hi Guys, Yamaha RX-A780 supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision but not HDR10+. Do you think there is a chance it can get HDR10+ passthrough support in the next firmware release? Any ideas regarding what would be the best communications channel to chase Yamaha for such upgrade? Thank you.
  2. The Eggman72

    Wanted High end Denon eg Denon X8500H or Yamaha Amplifier (better than a marantz 7012)

    As per title anyone got the upgrade bug ?
  3. M

    Yamaha subwoofer YST-RSW300 vs YST-SW500

    Hi, upgrading my Yamaha YST-SW160 (with which ive been very happy - I just need a bit more oomph). In my direct area I can get a RSW300 and a SW500 for very similar 2nd hand prices, reasonable nick with little superficial marks (I like the yammies so will stick with them. Would prefer a B&W to...
  4. G

    Yamaha RX-V673 Sound Issues

    Yamaha RX-V673 Sound Issues Hi All, I’m new to the group and this is my first post. When I turn my amp on (like I have the last 6ish years) there’s no sound as of the last month or so. It’s always left on standby overnight. I leave it on for half an hour or so (with no sound), I then turn it...
  5. Lanius1984

    For Sale (SOLD)Yamaha DSP-AX863SE AV Receiver

    For sale is my Yamaha AV. I've recently updated my setup and slimmed down to a soundbar. This is in very good working condition and has served me well. Comes with the original remote and user manual. Any questions, please feel free to ask.
  6. D

    Multi-zone / musiccast advice

    Hi, I'm after some advice on a multi-room speaker set up for our new rental house. I currently have an Yamaha A-3060 A/V receiver which is set up in our home theatre / lounge room. That room has a 7.1 set up. The house also has 6 other rooms with in-ceiling speakers installed, with 2 speakers...
  7. Tazsob

    Wanted Yamaha RX-V675 set-up mic?

    Hi guys, hope you're all having a blessed New year. I was hoping someone could help me. I'm looking for the set up mic that came with the rx-v675 if anyone has one laying around they will be willing to sell. I've lost mine ever since I moved flat last year and I'm struggling to get the sound...
  8. G

    Turning LG 55UP81006LR TV on and off from Yamaha RX-V683 AV Receiver

    I'd like my LG 55UP81006LR TV to turn on and off when I turn my Yamaha RX-V683 AV Receiver on and off. I have CEC enabled on both and while the AV Receiver follows the state of the TV, the TV will never follow the state of the AV Receiver. Should this be possible and how can I enable it? Data...
  9. A

    For Sale Yamaha AVR RX-A3050 Aventage ATMOS up to 7.2.4

    Yamaha Aventage RX-A3050 atmos AVR Bought from Sevenoaks Sound and Vision in 2016, only selling because I bought a Monolith HTP-1. Fully working, no issues, all accessories included, YPAO mic, stand, remote and aerial, original box. If it doesn't sell I'll use in my home office. UK DPD...
  10. B

    Yamaha CD-NT670D (USB Access Error)

    Hi All, Recently purchase the Yamaha CD-NT670D combined CD player and music streamer and very pleased with it. One problem. When i insert the USB drive (Samsung as per the attached spec below, i am getting the message on the unit "USB access error". Does anyone know how this can be corrected...
  11. L

    For Sale Yamaha RX-V1073

    Yamaha RX-V1073 with remote and mic. No box but can look into sending via parcel force at cost . Collection preferred. £200?
  12. B

    Yamaha HTR-2071 flicker and possible replacement

    I bought a Yamaha HTR-2071 a couple of years ago - it was connected to a 1080P Sony TV from about 2009. I've recently bought a new 4K Samsung (QN94A). The connection setup is HTPC ----> AVR <--arc-- TV and I've got a couple of problems: Flicker is introduced on starting the PC but also on...
  13. siross

    Upgrade Yamaha RX-V673

    Hi all. I've not been in the market for av equipment for a while so it's all a bit baffling at the moment. I'm trying to decide whether it's worth upgrading from my trusty yamaha which seems to be serving it's purpose well. I'm taking delivery of a new 4k TV tomorrow which will...
  14. G

    For Sale Yamaha 210 Series Home Cinema Surround Set

    hi guys Due to a recent upgrade, I've got my Yamaha 210 Series Home Cinema Surround set for grabs. Had it for a number of years and they are fantastic speakers. In mint condition as well taken care of. This set constitutes: 2 tower front speakers NS-F210 2 satellites speakers NS-B210 1 center...
  15. A

    How to download Airable to Yamaha networkreceiver

    Yamaha advises to install Airable (for internet radio) by updating the firmware of my receiver R-N402D. So I have made an update of the firmware version 1.18, (dated 2021-1-04). But no app appears at my screen of MusicCast. The app vTuner is deleted and don't exist anymore. See Yamaha...
  16. K

    Yamaha RX-A2050 stuck in pure direct

    My Yamaha RX-A2050 seems to be stuck on pure direct mode. Main Unit Screen is off and the blue pure direct led is on. When I push it, the AV receiver makes the click noise and the music disappears for a moment, like it's switching out of pure direct, but the blue pure direct led stays on and...
  17. Liammonty123

    For Sale Yamaha A3050

    Here for sale is my beloved A3050 receiver. Bought around 4 years ago and hasn't had any problems whatsover. A really great receiver and still excellent by todays standards. https://www.avforums.com/reviews/yamaha-rx-a3050-9-2-av-receiver-review.12363 Prefer collection round Manchester area...
  18. Calavera86

    Yamaha YSP 2500 Replacement

    I've had the Yamaha YSP 2500 since 2015 and although I have had a few problems since buying it generally it has been a good sound bar. However the sound issues with Disney+ are increasingly irritating and ruining the viewing experience and since it is coming up to 7 years old I think it is time...
  19. M

    Yamaha RX v6a compatible with my speakers?

    Hi, guys I am new to AV, I was given front speakers by a close friend, I was thinking of buying the Yamaha RX V6A amp to go with it but not sure if it will have enough power to run them as home theater, I wanna build up a 5.1.2 system. I do have other smaller speakers for surround only main...
  20. B

    Help With Australian Yamaha RX-V6A and Banana Plugs

    Hi all, I need some help setting up my amplifier. I purchased these banana plugs and after removing the plastic cap inside the plug they still don't fit. Did I purchase incorrect ones? https://www.amazon.com.au/Banana-FosPower-Plated-Speaker-Connectors/dp/B06Y9129X1/ref=sr_1_10? I also need...
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