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  1. R

    Yamaha MusicCast reliability?

    Hi, I have just bought and set up a Yamaha Network Receiver RN402D. The initial set up was a bit glitchy when it came to linking to MusicCast on my phone. Then it all worked fine for a couple of days. Today (day 3) I came to use MusicCast app again, and it could not find the receiver. I had...
  2. K

    Yamaha RXA1060 display Screen keeps changing

    Hi all, I’ve just noticed my receiver screen has started changing the wording, every 5 seconds it shows from Dolby Digital+ to Neo:6 Cinema. Does anyone know how I can just freeze the screen with Dolby Digital+ only?? I’m sure it never used to flick between the 2... Thanks in advance
  3. Meyrick Man

    For Sale Yamaha RX-V679 Boxed

    Yamaha RX-V679 in excellent condition boxed with all accessories. Any questions please ask, would prefer collection but will post out.
  4. r9800pro

    New Yamaha NS-SW300 rattle noise.

    I bought a Yamaha NS-SW300 subwoofer 2 days ago to replace my dead JBL 250P subwoofer. The Yamaha NS-SW300 should be a little more powerful than the dead JBL (250w vs 200w) and can go down to 20 Hz vs 32 Hz for the JBL. Frequencies less than 40 Hz cause a very bad rattling sound coming from...
  5. J

    Yamaha RXA3080 or Arcam AVR10??? Also speaker location

    Hi all I posted I was looking at a few amps well I’ve demoed quite a few to day and basically I think I need to spend some money, I know for a lot of people on here paying out thousands is no big deal but for me at this point it is. I have had two Yamaha and the current one is an RXV673 which I...
  6. deesta

    Question Yamaha 'straight' and 'pure direct'.

    I've been upgrading my speakers recently and been looking at the various processor options on my RX-V679 amp but I'm relatively new to this so a bit unsure as to what does what.. Hopefully relatively easy questions for you experts out there... With 'straight' mode on does the unit still use the...
  7. J

    [solved] Yamaha RX-379, no sound over ARC

    Hello sound gods, I have a Yamaha RX-379 Receiver hooked up to a LG 55UF6450. I had a LG Soundbar before hooking this up and just moved the ARC HDMI from the Soundbar to HDMI 1 on the receiver. The TV and Yamaha communicate over arc but no sound. Here is a video of the issue: I am stumped...
  8. dougan

    Yamaha RX-V673 - Value?

    Any ideas of what this could be worth? Owned by me since new, only used at weekends, so not a lot of use. Excellent condition, complete with set up mic, all accessories, manuals and packaging. Thanks
  9. V

    Question Yamaha RX-V585

    Hi, I seem to be going round in circles trying to decide between soundbar or seperates. I understand that Seperates will be a better option, but wired ( especially ) rears are a problem and a NO NO at the moment as I have only recently re-decorated and carpeted our sitting room. I understand...
  10. ScottChapman

    Yamaha RX-V677 passthrough support HDR?

    Hi, I haven't been able to find a reliable source yet, but wondering if perhaps someone knows whether the Yamaha RC-V677 AVR, which supports 4k passthrough, also passes through HDR encoding? Or is that going to get lost?
  11. C

    For Sale Yamaha HTY-760 and YST-FSW050BL sub

    Yamaha HTY-760 Sound Projector soundbar and YST-FSW050BL active subwoofer, manuals, setup microphone and cables included, very slight mark on left side of sub. Collection only from Birmingham B73, £60
  12. PsyVision

    For Sale Nakamichi AV1 7.1 Processor (FOR SALE) - Yamaha RX-V373 Receiver (SOLD)

    Nakamichi AV1 Sale of my Nakamichi AV1 7.1 Processor that had been used in my lounge before moving my power amplifiers to my dedicated room. Includes remote. I'm currently trying to find the calibration mic although any mic will work. Yamaha RX-V373 Sale of my Yamaha RX-V373 Receiver (in...
  13. beefybarn

    For Sale Yamaha NS-P40 Speaker package

    Have a set of the above for sale in good condition. They were only used for about 6 months before the wife decided too many cables and we had to swap to a soundbar. Collection only on these, £50 NOW £45
  14. Meyrick Man

    For Sale Yamaha RX-V679

    Yamaha RX-V679 In excellent condition boxed with all accessories included would prefer collection but will post if needed?
  15. Sparky1970

    Question Yamaha HTR-3065

    Hi, I've have the Yamaha HTR-3065 for around 6-7 years now, I'm now in the process of upgrading my tv to an LG oled. It mentions 4k pass-through on the specs of the av receiver, I take it thats 4k pass-through for audio only ? If so how is it generally connected to allow 4k pass-through ? Also...
  16. G

    Wanted Yamaha ysp160

    Wanted a Yamaha ysp160 Subwoofer to go with my Yamaha 2500 sound projector bar
  17. F

    For Sale For Sale Kef 3005se speaker package with 2 Stands, Yamaha Rxv581 Receiver & Kef Q500 Speakers

    Due to room redesign I can no longer make space for a full surround system so am reluctantly selling my current setup to purchase a soundbar. The 3005se is the gloss black model, package is in full working order with minor signs of wear and tear mainly to the speaker stand bases as they were...
  18. K

    Yamaha YSP 600 switches off immediately after being switched on

    Some background - my YSP 600 wouldn't come on at all, and having found one of the few repairers left in London was told fixing it would cost £150, not worth it when YSP 600s are for sale for £60 on eBay. However, some googling suggested that it was a faulty capacitor located at C515 (it was...
  19. M

    Yamaha RXV685 and PS4 Pro issues

    Hi all, I appreciate from having looked around over the past few days there are more than a few threads relating to this setup and some known issues, as well as solutions. I feel like I've tried all the options now to get this working but am still at the same point where I simply cannot get my...
  20. O

    For Sale Yamaha YSP2700 soundbar and subwoofer

    Anyone with any knowledge on sound bars knows how great this is. Selling as don’t get the chance to use to it’s full potential as live in a bungalow and have a young child so can’t have it loud the majority of the time Collection only
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