yamaha rxa1080

  1. G

    RX-A1080 & separating audio & video streams

    Hello guys. I have used the RX-A1080 for quite some time and am very happy with general usage. However, I have come across a new situation that I would like to adapt to. If I am correct, it is possible to let the ARR use the audio from a certain audio stream (say from the mobile) and at the...
  2. edders5

    External amplifier to be used with Yamaha RXA1080

    I am missing my quality hifi sound and am considering adding a power amplifier for the front left and right channels to remedy this. My question is, would it be preferable to use a similarly powerful amplifier to match the stated power of the Yamaha left and right channels? It is extremely...
  3. J

    Home Setup Help

    Hi All, Really hoping I can get some sound advice here. I am building my dream home and have 3 rooms and 4 zones I wish to connect up Room 1: TV Yamaha Soundbar MusicCast BAR 40 4 in Ceiling Speakers (Monitor Audio C165) Amp for Ceiling Speakers - MusicCast WXA-50 Streaming Amplifier Room 2...
  4. J

    Question Marantz SR7012 Vs Yamaha RXA1080 Vs Denon AVRX6400

    I can't find a direct comparison between the Marantz SR7012 and a Yamaha RXA1080. These have been recommended to me based on my budget (circa £1k) by a dealer. Could be a little more if needed. Something like the Denon AVRX6400 might tempt me to spend a little extra but I'm struggling to...
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