yamaha rx-a1050

The Yamaha RX-135 (also popularly known under the name RX-King or RX-K or simply RX in Southeast Asia, especially India & Indonesia) is a motorcycle with a two-stroke engine produced by Yamaha since the 1990s.
The RX-135 was released around the end of the 1990s and in selected India cities, you could get a factory-shipped RX-135 until August 2005. There were two versions of this bike sold in India - the four-speed and the five-speed.
In Indonesia the RX-135 was still being produced until late 2009, but production was halted by the requirements of the EURO3 regulation. The late model RX-135 in Indonesia used a catalytic converter as part of the exhaust, which made it pass EURO2 regulations.
RX-135 also had been initially introduced as RXG with similar engine capacity but with numerous changes with bottom-end gearing (primary ratio), sprockets and cylinder design, stickering,ignition system and looks..

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