yamaha r-n803

  1. Pauel

    Yamaha RN803 alternatives

    Long story short - after two months of usage my Klipsch The Fives are going to be replaced with something less buggy and more classic without any DSP engineered sound. I'd write a review someday, but not now - it is a bit painful at the moment. If I was young again I'd start a vendetta! So, I'm...
  2. athalward

    Dali Zensor 7 stereo receiver election

    Hello everyone, Also, I've been looking for a while for a stereo receiver for my new house system for the living room (30 sq meters aprox). I want it for music listening from Spotify/network mostly, and also having future multiroom speaker system addons in other rooms. Not HT focused, but my...
  3. BlueWizard

    What happened to the Yamaha RN803 Network Receiver?!?!

    What happened to the Yamaha RN803 Network Receiver?!?? I was going to include this in a recent post as a suggestion with a link to a source ...but... I could only find one place that was still selling the RN803 Receiver, and that was at a premium price. All my old reliable sellers no longer...
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