1. ecomatt

    For Sale XTZ Class A100 D3 AMP and XTZ CD 100

    I have for sale an XTZ Class A100 D3 AMP and an XTZ CD 100 All working. The amp has some sun bleaching on the black trim but does not effect the working of the unit. No box No Remote
  2. C

    Xtz cinema series 5.1.4 and Arcam AVR20

    Hi I currently have xtz cinema series in a 5.1.4 setting Running off a marantz 7010 and a rotel 1075 power amp I'm looking at purchasing an arcam avr20 to replace the marantz so wondering will this be a noticeable upgrade and will this work well with my rotel amp and speakers
  3. oatekung2

    Can i mix MK and XTZ in system?

    My present system are Mk 750 both LCR and surround. (7.1.4) and i plan to upgrade LCR to XTZ m8 tower and move LCR MK to surround and sale surround mk. will the sound be ok? The other equipment are Marantz sr8012(not upgrade to pre pro yet) Amp Ati6007 , Qinchao 7250 Or there are any another...
  4. AlexKalopsia

    Help needed - XTZ mids vibration

    Hi everyone, Today I noticed my left XTZ Spirit 2 has very noticeable vibrations when playing some of the mids. I have made a video with my phone (and sent it to XTZ support), the audio quality is obviously not great since it picks up all the other sounds, but I believe you can still notice...
  5. Ugg10

    XTZ A2-400 new

    Looks like the A2-300 has a big brother. https://www.xtzsound.eu/product/edge-a2-400 But at that price (1190Euro for 2x220W into 8 ohms) I think I would prefer a NC500 Hypex or maybe a Purifi amp for a bit more from Nord. More info here XTZ A2-400 - ICEpower ICEedge Class D new power amp
  6. R

    Help me choose an upgrade path - from Klipsch to Arendal or XTZ?

    Background: My family and I live in a one-bedroom apartment in Sweden. Even though we someday hope to have a dedicated room, right now we are limited to a living room setup. The current setup is a pair of Klipsch rf-82 mkII paired with an Onkyo TX-NR609 AVR. While mostly fine for movies and...
  7. Patrik72

    Keeping XTZ Cinema 1x12 or go for Arendal 1723 1s or 2xArendal 1961 1s or Arendal 1961 1v?

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum so this question might have been up several times before. As we just have built a weekend home we will have a second smaller surround sound setup there. I have decided to go for the XTZ Spirit 2 and 6 as we have limited space and they have to be wall mounted...
  8. salaminizer

    Question Yet another XTZ Cinema M8 vs. Arendal 1723 thread (dialog clarity & dispersion)

    Hey folks, Hope all is well. Like many of you, I'm debating XTZ (Cinema M8 Towers/Center) versus Arendal (1723 Towers/Center) for my front sound stage, but am open to any suggestions (I live in the USA). My absolute biggest requirements are: *dialog clarity from the center channel *wide...
  9. Planter

    Help Needed - Cannot get output from XTZ Subwoofer

    Hi, I have just acquired an XTZ Cinema Series Subwoofer 1x12. I have connected this to a Denon X4400 Amp, but am unable to get any output from the subwoofer. I am new to surround setups and this is the first sub I have connected up. I currently have a 5 speaker setup, all working...
  10. worcesternaf

    Question XTZ Speaker Value

    I'm looking at selling My xtz 95.24 (pair) and a 95.33 centre. Problem is is that they don't seem to come up for sale very often and have no idea how much to list them for. looking for your thoughts. Thanks
  11. worcesternaf

    My 2020 Lockdown Garage Cinema

    Hi guys/gals. During lockdown i converted my single garage to a dedicated room. I Have a build thread in my sig. Thought it would be cool to show it off in here also. Its a 7.2.4 Atmos setup in a 2.4wide x 2.3high x 4.9long. Its not 100% finished but getting there. Have plans for future upgrades...
  12. Jenz

    Audyssey say Sub is too High- cannot get it lower?

    I moved some speakers around recently and reran Audyssey. My XTZ Cinema 1x12 Sub (on the back of the Sub) is set to: Low Pass Filter Off Maximum Crossover (160Hz) Volume (Gain) is set to the Ref setting - which I believe means that the AVR sets it. When I run Audyssey Xt32 on my Denon X6400H...
  13. mickbirch2000

    Question DALI Rubicon 2s to replace XTZ 99.25s? Answered

    I have been living with 3 XTZ 99.25s for a few years now & loved them when I got them for my 7.1 home cinema set up. In recent years music has become more important to me, more time on my hands due to retirement, now I'm wondering how much of an improvement Rubicon 2s would make to stereo music...
  14. H

    Advice on moving from a 5.1 XTZ setup to a 7.1

    The XTZ speakers I own in my 5.1 setup are two 93.21 satellite speakers, two 93.23 loudspeakers, and one 93.22 centre loudspeaker which are all about a decade old. I also own a Yamaha RX-1020 Receiver and a BK XXLS400-FF Subwoofer. I am thinking about upgrading and adding more speakers to my...
  15. G

    Finally Killed an XTZ 12.17 Edge!

    Been running my dual set up hard during lockdown. What's a man to do? Blown one of my subs. It's vibrating badly like I've killed the woofer. So, buy a new one, get it fixed, or other? To fix means going out to buy a box and padding. Then arrange couriers etc. Bit of a pain but doable...
  16. MI55ION

    Question XTZ Tune 4 - Any good?

    Looking to use for PC/Desktop setup. Anyone heard these, are they any good? I've also looked at the Audioengine A2+ but they seem to be out of stock or discontinued? Any alternatives, passive or active it doesn't matter, that I should be considering? Only requirement is the height which must...
  17. V

    Question XTZ A2 300 Gain Setting

    Hi, I have recently purchased a XTZ A2-300 after reading good reviews, this is my first external Amplifier. I have a 5.1.2 system and connected XTZ A2 300 to my Denon x4500h Receiver for my front channel preouts. My speakers are KEF R700’s connected to XTZ. When left on low gain (10 o clock)...
  18. K

    Question XTZ 1x12 vs BK P12 300SB-P

    Have recently taken delivery of LCR xtz cinema m6, awaiting a pair of s5, so think I should be looking at upgrading my b&w ASW 608 sub... Does anyone have thoughts on comparing the above XTZ and BK? Will be used in dedicated room about 40 cu mtr 1500 cu ft.
  19. M

    Question First time buyer (XTZ/Dali/MA etc)

    Hi all, As the title suggests, I'm looking at buying my first 5.1 set up. I would like to keep the budget within £2000 and my initial options were: Denon AVR-X3600H with Dali Oberon 5 AV Speaker System for just under £1800 Denon AVR-X3600H with Monitor Audio Bronze 6 AV for just under £1500...
  20. JordanP

    Question XTZ 10.17 Edge on offer- should I buy?

    So the newer edge models are now on offer... I'm thinking of picking up a 10.17, which is £450 delivered at the moment. My room is roughly 4x4m. Main purpose is home theatre, though I do listen to a lot of music too. I was toying with the idea of getting an SVS PB1000... Would the 10.17 be a...
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