1. Lustral

    Wanted Google Pixel 4 XL 64Gb (Unlocked) - Brand New or Immaculate (preferably in Black)

    Hi Looking for the above , brand new , or immaculate as possible (im mega fussy). Looking to pay in the region of £350 - £400. Want to go for the clean Android experience … Getting annoyed with the nuances of the Samsung OneUI. What you got guys / gals
  2. steb9780

    For Sale French Connection Polo, Ralph Lauren Tee Size XL

    I have the following for sale, all in excellent condition, all size XL apart from the Diesel Tee which is XXL, although this does fit like an XL. I am an XL in most brands 42-44 chest. (If anybody wants any measurement etc. just ask) Ralph Lauren T-shirt size XL, this is quite a generous fit...
  3. Liudom

    Question Lian Li XL - Installing 2x 280mm Radiators

    Hi, Ive been a lurker for some time now and thought I'd start getting involved around here. I'm looking to buy a Lian Li XL case, currently have a Silverstone PM01 that I bought in April, and already I feel I need to upgrade to a bigger case. Anyone able to physically check if you can install a...
  4. Doz007

    For Trade iPhone X 256GB for Pixel 4 XL

    I'm looking to move back to Google and I would like a straight trade for my excellent condition 256GB Space Grey iPhone X which is sim free and boxed. I'm not interested in any other phones apart from the Pixel 4 XL. So if anyone has one that is looking to go back to Apple, iMessage and the iOS...
  5. jjgreenwood

    The Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL

    As the Pixel 2 thread is starting to clutter up with Pixel 3 stuff I thought I'd kick off the Pixel 3 thread. Supposed to be 3 models this year with one of them actually being quite affordable. So what do we know? Snapdragon 845 Processor probably a given Dual Front cameras 8mp cited by many...
  6. walters123

    pixel xl 2 samsung s9 plus or huawei p 20 pro

    having had my contract cancelled after sending back my s9plus for an exchange i am now looking for the best device on the market. got 3 phone's in mind but not sure what i should go for.. s9+ was a ok nothing special.
  7. LG88

    Can't decide between a Pixel 2 XL or One+5T. Worth the price difference?

    Been in a pickle a couple of days now. Can't decide on what phone to get. The 64gb pixel 2 XL is available for £630 at carphone warehouse and can get the 128gb one plus for £500 . Both look good phones. I'm not sure about the blue shift bothering me on the pixel 2 XL as I don't look at my...
  8. jjgreenwood

    Google Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL Smartphone

    As we have a confirmed launch date for this I thought I'd get the thread up and running. All being well I'll be retiring the S7 Edge for one of these, rumoured specs below: Pixel 2 XL Snapdragon 835 possibly 836 5.99" OLED LG Bezel free display QHD 18:9 Active Edge 4GB Ram Always on display...
  9. 273K

    Question Nintendo 2DS XL - best place to buy?

    I'm in the market for a Nintendo 2DS XL with Mario 2 and Miitopia games. Best "deal" I've seen is the console + Mario 2 bundle for £130, and Miitopia for £30, available in several places including Argos, Smyths etc. Just wondering if anyone knew of any better deals out there?
  10. Buckster666

    Nintendo dsi xl

    So i just brought a DSi XL in 2017, crazy i know. But for DS games it's much better to play on than my "new" 3DS XL, which has washed out colours and a blurriness to the PQ to them. Am gonna pick up a modded backlit original GBA next
  11. everett_psycho

    Nintendo new 2DS XL

    So they've announced this a few hours ago, it's essentially the new 3ds XL without the 3D screen. It's even changed to the clamshell design of the 3ds and added all the additions like C stick and shoulder buttons. New Nintendo 2DS XL - Nintendo 2DS - Official Site Personally i think this has...
  12. BluWarfareHD09

    Question Orange 3DS XL

    Does anybody know if the orange 3DS XL(New 3DS XL) was limited edition, as I cannot find it anywhere without the price being over inflated? Thanks in advance
  13. David Phelan

    Google Pixel and Pixel XL Smartphone Review & Comments

    Google launch the Pixel and Pixel XL, their first smartphones made entirely by them and the tech giant clearly has the iPhone in its sights. Read the review. Write your own review for Google Pixel
  14. U

    Moving to 3DS XL from Wii U

    I purchased my Wii U in September 2014 as I had some spare birthday money and wanted to be prepared for the soon to be released Zelda game... Almost 2 years later I am still waiting. It's not all bad, I love my Wii U, i've spent a lot of money collecting their first party titles and most of them...
  15. paulbed4d

    Question Optoma 3D XL - passive 3D?

    I've just bought an Optoma 3DXL from ebay. The chap sent me 5 pairs of passive 3D glasses with it. I've told him that the glasses he sent aren't compatible as it's an active 3D system. Below is his response. Is this rubbish? Hi Paul I'm gad that the item got there safely. I have been using...
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