1. SteakPieHarry

    For Sale Xiaomi Mi 10T 128GB / 6GB

    Greetings friends Well here I have a Xiaomi Mi 10T phone for sale. It's the silver model. Bought it directly from Xiaomi last year. It's in excellent condition as it's been in a case and screen protector the entire time. Just tiny little marks around the trim. I have no idea how that even...
  2. Tyler Durden

    For Sale Xiaomi Mi 10T, snapdragon 865, 5G, 144hz screen, 128gb/8gb. Mint condition, with box

    Phone in great condition. Comes fully boxed with additional case. Unlocked to any network and currently running Pixel Experience ROM.
  3. F

    QLED 55'': TCL C721 vs. Xiaomi Q1E vs. Samsung Q60A

    Hello everyone, I want to buy a QLED SMART TV (55'') 4K UHD in Europe. Based on my budget, I discovered those three options: TCL C721, Xiaomi Q1E, Samsung Q60A. I don't have the budget for an OLED and I see QLED slightly better than LED. I would rather have the Andoird smart system (vs...
  4. D

    Shall i go for Xiaomi redmi note 10 pro?

    Hi, Thanks a lot in advance for the help. I need to get a new phone and wanted to get one with a good camera, and that will have an SD slot. I was thinking of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 pro since it has 4 cameras 108MP f/1.9, 8MP f/2.2, 5MP f/2.4, 2MP f/2.4 The price is also very attractive...
  5. czajunia

    For Sale Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Glacier Blue 6GB RAM / 128GB Dual SIM Unlocked

    Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Glacier Blue 6GB RAM / 128GB Dual SIM Unlocked In excellent condition, about one year old. Comes fully boxed with all accessories and paperwork. Additionally I am including a brand new glass screen protector (not applied), a brand new and unused flip case and a used transparent...
  6. D

    Xiaomi mii robot

    We have had a xiaomi robot vacuum for 4 years now. Excellent machine, but stopped moving, i tested voltage on battery and it was 2v, refusing to charge Bought a new battery, lasted one day then says battery malfunction, seller sent another battery and still error 14 battery malfunction...
  7. R

    help identifying drone

    Hello, does anyone know what is the name of this drone? As you can see in the pictures attached "Smart X drone" is written all over it. I also noticed the letter M in the word "smart" is shaped like Xiaomi's symbol so I assume Xiaomi is the company that manufactured this drone. However I...
  8. everett_psycho

    Xiaomi and yeelight on Google home - double or nothing

    I've slowly been building more and more smart lighting in to our home and yesterday decided to pick up a few new lights from Xiaomi. Light wise we are now running: 3x yeelight led strips 1 yeelight colour bulb 2 xiami white smart bulbs 1 grid connect smart bulb All was going well until...
  9. Fidalgo

    Is Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55 under 500€ worth it?

    I'm looking for a new TV around that budget and found this new model from Xiaomi. I have good experience with mobile phones, but I found little to no information about the TV's here. The specs can be found here: mi-tv-p1-55 The main use of the TV is for Series and Movies and to serve as an...
  10. R

    Xiaomi UST 4K projector auto-off setting

    My Xiaomi ultra-short throw 4K projector seems to have a half-assed auto-off option that turns the projector completely off after a few minutes of inactivity the very first time it is powered on. However, if I switch it off using the remote once, then any time thereafter turn it on again using...
  11. C

    Xiaomi 6 vs. Huawei 6 vs Honor 6

    Considering and deciding among Xiaomi 6 v. Huawei 6 v. Honor 6: Some considerations for me and others: 1. walk-hike-run --> do these display net elevation in feet (not floors or step)? 2. pool swimming laps --> do they show lap count number on display face in real time and accuracy? 3...
  12. Fitodde

    Solution to vertical lines in Xiaomi UST 4k projectors

    Have anyone encounter problems like this on Xiaomi UST laser projector ?
  13. C

    Xiaomi UST Projector - Dead Pixel? Is that a thing?

    Hi guys, I've had one of the original, Xiaomi 1080p UST Projectors for just over 3 years. I seem to have developed what I can only describe as a dead pixel in the middle of the screen (attached picture of a black screen video on YouTube) It's not on the screen or anything silly like that! I'm...
  14. youssefmr

    who is better Realme 6 pro or Xiaomi Mi 9 ?

    I'm currently looking to buy used phone I found these two what do you think I should chooseلاRealme 6 pro (8GB, 128GB) or Xiaomi Mi 9 (6GB, 128GB)
  15. J

    Tesco Mobile Texts to a Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 on BT Never Arrive

    I’ve recently purchased a Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 as an upgrade from a Xiaomi Mi A3. My phone is on the BT Mobile network with which I’ve never had any problems with multiple Android phones over the years. However my wife’s phone is on the Tesco Mobile network and I’m finding that text messages...
  16. Z

    Xiaomi 75" Q1

    Hi all, Does any1 know, if we'll see the Xiaomi 75" Q1 in Europe and if there is any real review? Thanx
  17. pinnocchio

    Xiaomi phones sending unlogged sms messages?

    On Tuesday I received a new sim from 1p mobile, I wanted to test out there service and see how things were. Anyhoo I paid for my data boost and literally had used a spare Mi Mix 3 5G just for that, no calls or text messages sent. So, I was a little surprised when in the data usage page on 1p...
  18. K

    Xiaomi one pro 3D

    Hi does anyone know where the 3D function is hidden because i can not find it.I remember seeing the tab when a chinese girl from China was helping me reset the projector to english apps etc
  19. DHarrison1221

    Help with New Phone Charger

    Hi All, I've just purchased myself a Poco X3 NFC, which has a USB Type-C 2.0 charging port on. At the moment, the majority of my products (Galaxy S6, headphones etc.) all use a microUSB 2.0 charging port. Would something like this be of any use to me? If not, could you point me in the direction...
  20. freshfarts

    Can i skip wifi while setting up my xiaomi mi a2?

    Hi, I had some problems with my mi a2, and i did a factory reset (i think, it was some time ago), and now while setting up it can't find my wifi, i know there is notthing wrong with my signal because it's working on my laptop, and theres no option to skip wifi in the xiaomi setup, so now i can't...
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