1. E

    For Sale Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro 6/64GB Forest Green

    This phone is in brilliant condition and well looked after and it was purchased from Nov 2019. The phone itself looks almost brand new. Hardly any scratches and had the case on since the first day of use. This is the Global Edition and can be used with most UK SIM cards. The phone also has...
  2. benfleet5

    For Sale Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro: Zoom Edition

    Will be posting photos of the unit later (currently at work), however, I have for sale a mint condition K30 Pro Zoom Edition, 8GB RAM, 128GB ROM, with an unlocked bootloader running Xiaomi EU ROM 12.0.5. The unit has always been used with a case and glass screen protector. This is a certified...
  3. IcyHot

    For Sale Xiaomi MI A2 Global B20 in VGC - dual sim, 64GB, unlocked, receipt included

    Hi Moved onto a different phone now so passing this one on. As per images, it's the black 64GB unlocked global dual-SIM model of the Mi A2 - NOT the Lite - with USB-C, headphone adaptor, box and two cases (I have not included the EU charger or cable, I can't find it and need my cable still!)...
  4. kal345

    For Sale Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter - Used Twice

    I bought this scooter a couple of months ago for £399 from Pure Electric as an impulse purchase. I paid an extra £20 for the green goo stuff they put inside which stops the tire puncturing. I have proof of purchase for warranty purposes. Selling because I don't really use it at all, it's...
  5. henrik-t

    New Led PJ like Xiaomi youth 1080p 500 ansi or older 1080p High contrast used PJ

    New Led PJ like Xiaomi youth 1080p 500 ansi or older 1080p used PJ Room 4x3meters not treated "yet" 3m throw to screen. Screen anti reflecting 120" but i could manage whit around 100" and change screen if needed. i was purly thinking of image quality vs the new Led beamers from china Budget...
  6. D

    Question Has anyone found a fix for the Xiaomi Mijia 4K Laser Projector vertical lines issue?

    So I ordered this thing from China via Gearbest (I'm in the US) a couple years ago and in the first year it started taking upwards of 10 minutes to show the screen. Then after a while lines started coming up. One solution I found was to loosen the case. That worked for quite a while but now it's...
  7. JabbaNut


  8. JabbaNut

    Xiaomi My Box 3 receives its long-awaited update to Android TV 9

    " We now have available the final version of Android TV 9 for the Xiaomi Mi Box 3 TV-Box, the first Western Xiaomi TV-Box model that was replaced by the Xiaomi Mi Box S. This device included the AMlogic S905X-H SoC as we saw in one of our review some time ago. Xiaomi shows with this update that...
  9. Krisb1701d

    64.5" Xiaomi Mi TV LUX

    Been keeping an eye on Xiaomi Tvs for a couple of years now and this one looks good. https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/3dbb207d No threads here and very little info online so far, I only found out about it when looking for the best TV for Ps5 Anyone has seen one or have any...
  10. JabbaNut

    Closed Beta : Xiaomi My Box 3 starts receiving the first Android 9 Beta

    " It seemed impossible but an Android 9 BETA has already started to be distributed for the Xiaomi Mi Box 3 TV-Box, the first international Xiaomi TV-Box model that was replaced by the Xiaomi Mi Box S. This device included the AMlogic S905X-H SoC as we saw in one of our reviews some time ago. Of...
  11. Giulios86

    Help with Fengmi 4K Cinema UST projector

    Hello everybody, I'm new to the forum as a writer, even if I've been reading regularly. Sorry if I'm asking help on my very first post.. As in title, I really need help with my projector. It's a Fengmi 4K Cinema UST bought in January 2020. Model: L176FCN I had an issue with a Firmware update...
  12. S

    Question Xiaomi, M1, M2 or a traditional projector?

    When my secondary TV broke a month ago I started to look at replacing it with a projector. Started with the Viewsonic M1 to see if a projector was something for me and I liked the experience but I thought it was to low resolution. I switched to a Xiaomi Smart Compact but I noticed problems with...
  13. J

    Question What are Xiaomi Mi Box S - supported 5.1 audio apps + files?

    I am considering to buy Xiaomi Mi Box S, already updated to Pie 9.0. I am going to use Netflix and Viaplay, and also mkv files (streaming via DLNA) with AAC 5.1, DTS 5.1 and DD 5.1 sound. Does Netflix, and these files output discrete 5.1 signal via HDMI, or S/PDIF-fiber port? Also I would like...
  14. JabbaNut

    Bargain Review Xiaomi Mi TV Stick 1080p £25.71 inc p&p. Aliexpress

    Thought i would share https://androidpctv.com/review-xiaomi-mi-tv-stick-opinion/
  15. marvi0

    Question Experience with xiaomi warranty?

    Does anyone have any experience with xiaomi warranty. I am looking to get a second hand xiaomi mi 10 and wondering how the warranty works,without a receipt and proof of purchase?
  16. JabbaNut

    Xiaomi My TV-Stick is certified on Google Play with the SoC Amlogic S805Y

    ' A few days ago we saw the first unboxing of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick in its MDZ-24-AA version, a device that as we could see is focused to maximum resolution FullHD and lowered quite a lot the expectations we had on it. Now this Stick has received the certification in Google Play with the name...
  17. JabbaNut

    Xiaomi Mi Box S new update for Android TV 9 version PI.2696

    " https://androidpctv.com/xiaomi-mi-box-s-update-2696/
  18. JonnyTester

    Question Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro global version

    I'm seriously thinking of buying a Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro (PayPal is doing a 12 month interest free deal atm). I see that there is a UK version with a single sim, and a global version with dual sims. Has anyone here got this phone who can give me advice on whether its worth the premium for the global...
  19. Aaron1996

    Xiaomi Redmi phones

    I am looking at a new phone to purchase sim free, I am never one to spend hundreds of pounds and I simply refuse to pay over £120 for a new phone. I am tempted to purchase the Xiaomi Redmi 8A, now doing research I discovered the charger is only 2pin and not the 3 pin we normally see here in the...
  20. JabbaNut

    Xiaomi Mi TV-Stick already on Sale!

    " We already have for sale in Chinese stores the new Xiaomi Stick with which we can smartize our TV called Xiaomi Mi TV-Stick. A small device that, as we anticipate, includes the Amlogic S905Y2 SoC that improves the Xiaomi Mi Box S although, as we see right now it has a very crazy price. The...
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