1. N

    JL Sony Bravia KD65XF9005 replacement

    Hi All, Aware similar has been posted before, but i couldnt see one for the 65" model. So TV was rebooting a lot, which seemed to be a known issue. Went in for repair, and have been told it beeds a part thats not not available so i will be offered a replacement. Not had an offer yet, but want...
  2. T

    Replacement TV from John Lewis Sony XF9005

    A regular feature I know but I'm a little low on time for research at the moment and would appreciate some input from the collective knowledge on here please. I've got a 55 inch Sony XF9005 bought at the beginning of 2019 after plenty of hours of online research and standing comparing TVs in...
  3. B

    Insurance replacement - Sony XG vs Sony XF 55”

    If anyone can help/advise I did the nasty with my tv, pressed slightly with my head on the tv whilst fitting a sound bar, tiny press, tv now US. Insurance are saying the XG9505 which for me has been great, is no longer available. Bought for £611 at Costco in November. Big benefit of this tv...
  4. Robf84

    Lost channels on sony xf9005

    I'm currently without any tv channels on my Sony kd55xf9005 TV. Does anyone know how to manually retune the channels.
  5. P

    Difference between Sony XG9005 and XF9005

    I am looking for a new TV and I can get both TV's for the same price(really good price), but I just don't know which of these is the better one. I literally searched through the whole internet but there is not so much information about the XG9005 and how it really differs from the XF9005. On the...
  6. N

    Upgrade worth it? Sony 49XF90 to Sony 55A8

    Hi, I’ve a Sony KD49XF9005 TV that I bought in October 2018 (in U.K., from JLP, so still in warranty) I was wondering if it’s worth upgrading to Sony KD55A8? Or should I wait for few more years? I mostly watch movies and series on Netflix and BBC IPlayer on TV. Don’t use TV for watching sports...
  7. N

    Upgrade from sony kd-49xf9005 to KD55A8

    Hi, I’ve a Sony KD49XF9005 TV that I bought in October 2018 (in U.K., from JLP, so still in warranty) I was wondering if it’s worth upgrading to Sony KD55A8? Or should I wait for few more years? I mostly watch movies and series on Netflix and BBC IPlayer on TV. Don’t use TV for watching sports...
  8. JNMaster

    Question Please help me with my intermittent AV sync issue / Should I sell?

    Hi there, I've got an intermittent problem with either my Sony Bravia KD55XF9005 4K Full Array LED TV or my Denon AVR-X2600H AV Receiver, I think it's the receiver having an issue with the Sony TV but i'm not 100% sure on this. The Problem: I'm watching video be it via my Nvidia Shield Pro or...
  9. R

    Trouble with chromecast built-in on Sony xf9005

    I originally posted about this on the owners' thread for this TV but no joy. I'm having trouble with built-in chromecast, a feature that I really wanted to use a lot. From both my phone and laptop it keeps disappearing from Youtube and also iplayer. What I mean is the cast icon disappears when I...
  10. pajd100

    55" TV - Sony XF9005 for £700 or LG B9 for £1000

    Hi all, firstly thanks for all the excellent feedback and info here, it's been very valuable to spend a few evenings reading though. So AO.com replaced my old broken TV and instead of doing decent research here I just went for the biggest TV they offered which was a 65" Techwood set, which is...
  11. H

    HiSense U8B vs Samsung Q70R vs Sony XF9005 vs LG SM8600

    Hey guys, after a month of research I could finally narrow my choices down to these last 4. Please help me decide: List of TVs in order of personal preference. 1. SAMSUNG Q70R (GQ65Q70RGTXZG) for 1280 EUR 2. SONY XF9005 (KD-65XF9005) for 1250 EUR 3. HiSense U8B (H65U8B) for 850 EUR 4. LG...
  12. error2000

    XF9005 stutter/judder KODI/IPTV/YOUTUBE

    Hi all. First if all sorry for my english. Have almost week 55XF9005. When i play anything via android app KODI/KUKI TV(IPTV)/YOUTUBE, or via inbuild video player content from network picture is not smooth. I must set motionflow and cinemotion to maximum, but in this case i have soap opera...
  13. B

    New TV advice needed

    Hello, I have been reading all the posts I could find for what TV to buy in this period and one of the things that caught my eye was the fact that most TV's will have a drop in price between spring and summer ( so around now? ) . My first contenders are Samsung Q70R and Sony KD-55XF9005 ...
  14. Franky1971

    HDR capability of Sony xf9005 ports

    I'm looking to use a Sandisk 'extreme portable' ssd to watch HDR content on my 65 inch Sony xf9005 but the supplied cable with the ssd only has a regular 'usb A' connector to go into the tv. Are there any USB ports in the tv that support HDR or will I need to buy a 'usb c to hdmi'...
  15. C

    XF9005 sky+ HD remote code

    If anyone needs it, i found the code 038 worked to get the sky remote to control the volume on the tv.
  16. B

    Sony 49XF9005 screen issues - Sony fobbing me off - Help/advice please!...

    Hi all, Looking for some help/advice after Sony Support have fobbed me off on what is a clear issue with my TV. I'm having a problem with my Sony 49XF9005 tv. In bright scenes the brightness is not consistent on the screen. I can see horizontal block smear lines across the screen - it looks...
  17. PeakyPaul

    How to connect items together

    Hello all, Wasn't sure which area of the forum to put this in so hopefully this is the right place but if not please feel free to point me in the right direction! This question might be very basic but I'm a newbie so be gentle :-) I have the following kit (well Sky Q and TV will be arriving...
  18. thingsfallapart

    PS4 - No 5.1 Sound via STR-DN1080 Receiver

    Hi All, I'm not getting 5.1 via my STR-DN1080 Receiver. It's crazy! The receiver only recognises stereo sound. On the display itself, it says bitsream 5.1/7.1 or DD 5.1 or DTS 5.1, so it's like the receiver is receiving the signal but then processing it into stereo only. PS4 -> Receiver (Game...
  19. T

    Did I get a bad Sony XF9005

    I recently got a Sony XF9005 and it had bad clouding, terrible blooming and washed out colours. I had seen so many videos on youtube stating how good the black levels were but I found it terrible. I returned the Sony for a Samsung 55 inch Q60R because the sony was out of stock for an exchange...
  20. C

    Question motion and clarity settings not per input/app Sony xf9005

    ive found that the clarity and motion settings don't change when the TV goes into HDR or different input or app. the colour settings change. is this normal? as I don't want reality creation on for native 4K content as its already at 4K.
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