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  1. M

    4k tv for xbox one s suggestions?

    Hello, I'm looking for a good smart 4k tv for my xbox one s, any ideas? Ideally 32 inch, can go up to 40 inch. Are these anygood? Buy 2020 T5300 FHD Smart TV 32" | Free Delivery | Samsung UK SONY BRAVIA KDL32RE403 32" HDR LED TV
  2. lpkotsev

    Xbox as a media player / plays Dolby/DTS but no True HD/ DTS HD master

    Hello guys. I would appreciate your clarification on that since the discussions around this topic are probably a bit outdated. So I've recently got Xbox one X, and I am curious to know whether I can play surround from media content coming from the USB External Drive. What I have read from...
  3. E

    Issues with movies sound in xbox one

    Hello there, im having some problems with the sound of some movies in my xbox one blu ray player. The audio comes after the video, so its very annoying when trying to see a Good movie. I have an LG 70" Led and a Logitech Z906. The xbox video goes to the TV by hdmi, the sound goes to the theater...
  4. brodders1979

    Xbox One X Netflix Issue

    Anyone else having issues playing uhd content from Netflix on the One X? HD content plays fine but when I try to stream something in uhd it crashes and restarts. Have un / re installed the app but still keeps crashing.
  5. mito

    Can the Xbox One x play Hi Resolution audio

    Hi all I conet the Xbox one x via optical cable to integrated amp. I play the file with plex for Xbox, can it deliver Hi Resolution audio? Thanks
  6. markymark34

    Question Xbox one S bluray issues

    Hi Having major issues with playback on my xbox one S. Breaking Bad box set. Episode 1 fine - 2 the pic stutters and starts to break up. 3 wont play at all. Eventually says 'Cant read the disk' Returned the disc - the new one is the same. Works fine on another blu-ray player. Have done a...
  7. Daskew78

    ISF Calibration picture mode not available

    Hi, I've just got myself an Xbox One X and I have a Samsung QE75Q9FN that has been ISF calibrated. I have noticed when I have the Xbox on I can only access the picture modes: Dynamic, Standard, Natural and Movie. My calibrated settings are not available. Would anyone have any idea why this is...
  8. D

    Question Dolby Atmos for headphones not working?

    I've installed Dolby Access and the Atmos app. Selected the setting for Headset to use Atmos but when I go back to Access to play one of the demos, I can see a pink exclamation mark next to Dolby Access and it just sounds like stereo. I am using a traditional pair of hi end headphones but...
  9. BenRC

    Audio lag in dts

    Don't get it with the ps4 so somethings not right. Console > hdmi > TV > optical > 5.1 dts system. Xbox set to bitsream and dts via hdmi. TV set to optical out, bit stream. I know its not ideal but that's what I've got. If I choose stereo uncompressed I get zero lag, but as soon as I switch...
  10. M

    Question XBox store UHD 4k movies

    Hi, I hope someone can explain this to me; there are a few good deals on the xbox store at the moment for 4k movies which I am considering, however when scrolling down to the requirements the file sizes are split into 3 areas, SD, HD 720 and HD 1080. there is no mention of the 4k size even when...
  11. S

    Question Panasonic FZ802 inbuilt Netflix app superior picture quality in contrast to Xbox One 4K disc or app

    In summary, I need a fix for playing Xbox 4K source material, as it is displaying more inferior 4K picture quality in comparison to my own 2018 Panasonic FZ802 OLED TV's inbuilt Netflix TV app. The quality of the picture is reduced somewhat for the same film source whether it is being played...
  12. Emc86

    Question QLED 2019 Xbox X Set Ups

    How do you set up your Xbox One X to your 2019 QLED TV. Im buying a Q70r 49 inch for VRR and Freesync any tips would be great thanks.
  13. wardener007

    LG27UK650-W for HDR gaming console

    Now I have been doing comparison switching Xbox one x from Samsung KS8500 to LG27UK650-W. Frankly I do not see much difference that Rtings website and others on Reddit complain about HDR issues. I am aware that LG27UK650-W monitor has low peak brightness than compare to Samsung KS8500 but...
  14. wardener007

    LG27UK650-W monitor freesync and variable refresh rate option on Xbox One X

    Hi there, So I am trying for the first time playing Xbox One X on LG27UK650-W monitor and trying to use freesync feature on monitor to compare the performance of gameplay with on tv. Does anyone knows what is the difference between Basic and Extended freesync feature does? And for which one I...
  15. C

    4k HDR setup

    Hi, I've just recently got a Philips 50PUS7383/12, my Xbox One S is connected to it through a Yamaha RX-V679 receiver. Display & Sound 4K TV details shows as follows: Watching movies & TV Your TV setup does not support 4K 10-bit at 50Hz Your TV setup does not support 4K 10-bit at 60Hz...
  16. toggyuel

    Xbox one X Kauna visualiser

    Xbox one X Kauna visualiser downloaded from Xbox App Store ,still can’t get an visualiser action going when playing audio cds,it’s driving me nuts ! Help
  17. martimu

    Xbox one Atmosphere always on

    hi all. Xbox one into Denon x7200 I’ve set it up as per instructions. What’s odd is it is showing as playing everything as atmos. Doesn’t matter if it atmos encoded or not. The receiver is showing Dolby atmos on the display and shows all channels as being active. So any game I play, any Blu-ray...
  18. wardener007

    Video fidelity on XBOX One X

    Hi there Can anyone advise what video fidelity settings should I keep when playing XB1X on Samsung KS8500? Secondly before I ask one more last question I have to say that my XB1X is directly connected to Sony HT-Z9F Dolby Atmos soundbar which leads me to ask this question, what settings should...
  19. D

    Netflix HDR always on

    Does anyone know if there is a fix due for this? Very annoying as when I launch Netflix app on the x box it always defaults to HDR on and makes non HDR programmes all washed out. I don’t want to keep manually switching off HDR. Thanks
  20. J

    xbox one x lipsync uncompressed / bitream

    So I have had my Xbox one X for around a month now along with a few new bits of AV stuff listed below Tv - Panasonic FZ802 Receiver - Denon AVR-X3500 My first thought was to leave the sound setting to uncompressed and the Blu-ray setting to allow my receiver to decode audio. This seemed to...
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