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  1. G

    LG GX Audio (XBOX - LG - Receiver)

    Hi all, I have the Xbox series x, LG GX TV and RX-V475 Receiver. I am trying to get 5.1 audio to the receiver and the 4k120 signal to the TV. The receiver will not accept HDMI 2.1 bandwidth so that has to go straight from Xbox to TV. No I’m trying to get the 5.1 audio to the receiver. My...
  2. AndrewYeh

    Xbox Series X HD TV Upgrade Help. Stuck

    Hi I'd appreciate some help, I've looked so much I've gone round in circles and going mad. I have LG HD 43" led that needs upgrading. Don’t fancy risking screen burn with an OLED. It's a touch out of my comfort zone with that risk, at my budget. I'd like to unlock as much of the Xbox as...
  3. Publicnme2273

    For Sale Xbox Game pass Ultimate 3 months Ultimate code

    As title, I have an Xbox Games pass 3 months ultimate. £22 code will be messaged to buyer or can post to buyer for £1.20
  4. HD2k15

    For Sale Call Of Duty Cold War Xbox Series X Version (Disc)

    Hi, This has been opened but never used. Selling as I am never going to play it. It was an impulse purchase. Will post via tracked delivery. Any questions please ask.
  5. colcraig72

    For Sale Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

    Boxed in very good condition, has not seen much use. Selling my XBox One X so this is no longer required. Official Play and Charge Kit for XBox One. £10 plus postage of your choice.
  6. A

    For Sale Xbox series s with controller unboxed £200

    Im selling my xbox series s which sadly no longer has the box but everything else is there and has been used 3 times for less than a hour in total selling as was gifted this at christmas and im more a playstation guy simple as that looking for £210 thanks
  7. S2000 VTEC

    Wanted Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10

    Anyone got one of these? Having bluetooth issues so could do with one.
  8. harpsmatt

    For Sale Xbox One S 1tb (boxed) and Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon Steelbook Edition

    For sale is my Xbox One S 1TB console. The console comes boxed and is in fully working condition, comes with the controller and all leads. (doesn’t include the game pictured on the box) £150 delivered by PayPal gift please. also for sale: Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon steelbook edition for sale...
  9. Maiannaise


    Hello! Participants needed for my psychology dissertation project! Questionnaire only takes 2 minutes and it would really help me out. based on conformity within gaming Please click the link below! :) Thank you An exploration into the effects of conformity on gaming behaviour
  10. E

    Question XBOX Series X Bluetooth adaptor for Airpods Pro

    Hello I would like to test out the AirPods pro on the Xbox series X, but I want to try a Bluetooth adaptor. Can I get any USB one and plug it into Xbox and then just sync them with the Airpods Pro or do I need to get a dongle that plugs into the 3.5mm jack on the controller? If anybody can shed...
  11. Van Dam

    For Sale XBOX Series S (512GB) Console plus Seagate 1TB Expansion Card

    Fully boxed and still in as new condition. Original owner (me) has used the console for less than 2 weeks. Comes with all original accessories and 11 months warranty, purchased from Tesco (receipt included). Also available is the Seagate 1TB Expansion unit. This is unboxed but is in perfect...
  12. adbailey18

    For Sale Xbox Series X - (New/Sealed)

    As title, BNIB. I am happy with collection, social distancing etc being followed. £550 - delivered £525 - collected Cheers
  13. pesser

    Xbox Ambassador

    Got a email inviting me to become an ambassador the other day anyone else signed up to be one or is anyone already and ambassador.
  14. meldogjr

    Im looking for gta 5 xbox 360

    ill pay just need xbox 360 gta 5
  15. C

    For Sale FREE GTA 5 - Xbox One - CLOSED

    Evening all, During these tough times I'm hoping I can make someone's day that little bit better. Please leave a comment below and I will pick a name at random on Friday, 8pm. Postage will be included. All I ask is that you try to pay it forward.
  16. D

    Wanted Xbox Live Gold - 12 months

    I’m looking for 12 months of Xbox Live Gold. Does anyone have a code for sale please.
  17. burd up

    For Sale FREE - The Division 2 - Xbox one game

    Thanks for checking out my listing, was going to trade into CEX but thought would give it away instead. :smashin: just post a comment below and ill choose a winner by Wednesday. :) Postage is included!
  18. J

    Home Cinema Help XBOX series X

    Hi, I have a home cinema setup for watching movies (usually via a projector with electric screen) and gaming, using a 4k TV. Gaming is done via XBOX One X. Internet gets to the xbox via Ethernet (wifi isn't great at this part of the house). From the back of the xbox HDMI goes to a HDMI 2.0...
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