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  1. Moore86

    Universal remote for several different things.

    Hey guys, I'm a long time user of this forum but first time posting. OK so I'm in a bit of a dilemma! I'm after a remote to use with my tv which is a TCL 50EP648, Roku Premiere, av which is Sony STR DN1080 and my Xbox one. If also like one that is upgradable, so when I upgrade my Xbox to the X...
  2. beefybarn

    For Sale Brand new Xbox One X 1TB Console - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Bundle

    Hi I have the above console for sale, brand new not even opened. I got it through a business purchase for £280 and could return it but thought as I got it cheap I would offer it up here first. I cannot provide the receipt but am happy to help with any warranty problems if they arise. Just...
  3. khristakev

    For Sale Xbox One X - Brand New, Never Used

    I have a black Xbox One X (1TB) for sale. Brand new and never even unwrapped. I had to open the box so I can take photos for the forum. Happy to post parcel nationwide at an additional cost.
  4. F

    For Sale Xbox One X and Scuf Controller

    Hi looking to sell my Xbox One X which was purchased in March 2019 from Argos. It does not include Fallout 76 as code was used. It is in excellent condition and rarely used as I am a PC gamer so only really had the odd PUBG game with friends. It is fully boxed with everything included as...
  5. khristakev

    For Sale Xbox One X - Brand New, Never Used

    I have a black Xbox One X (1TB) for sale. Brand new and never even unwrapped. I had to open the box so I can take photos for the forum. Happy to post parcel nationwide at an additional cost.
  6. D

    For Sale Xbox OR PSN credit £85

    I have an Xbox OR PSN credit of £85 for sale. I can choose which one to redeem so it'll be first come first serve £68 including payment by bank transfer only No offers
  7. J

    Wanted Xbox One S

    I am looking for an Xbox One S please. Only looking for a console and pad. As cheap as possible please :)
  8. R

    Wanted Forza Motorsport 7

    Looking for a hard copy of the above. Ideally the ultimate edition without any of the codes being used. Let me know what you have.
  9. adonis

    For Sale Xbox One X 1TB with games

    Excellent condition boxed, barely used. Only played with COD but sold that recently. Over a year old no warranty. Comes boxed with controller, cables, stand and with games: Need for Speed: Heat Dirt Rally 2.0 Fifa 99 Forza Horizon 4
  10. markymiles

    Wanted Xbox One S

    Hi, looking for an X Box one S for my daughter if anyone is thinking of selling. Don't need any games just Xbox plus one controller. Cheaper the better. Thanks
  11. Spence0108

    Question PS5 vs Xbox series

    With more details coming out for each console (more so xbox) just wondering what people are edging towards more. If they are going to stay loyal to there chosen brand or change it up. Im personally edging towards more PS5 as the exclusive games edge out Microsoft for me with the likes of god of...
  12. J

    Question Xbox One X Audio settings - stereo uncompressed or bitstream

    Hi, apologies I'm not particularly well versed in regards to stereo uncompressed and bitstream. My setup is Xbox one x > LG 4k TV > Yamaha YAS-207 Soundbar. All via HDMI (with arc). My audio settings are: HDMI bitstream and optical bitstream, then DTS. This works fine when playing games and...
  13. P

    For Sale £10 xbox voucher

    for sale £10 xbox voucher looking for £8
  14. JTF Vegas

    Plugging the xbox into a power conditioner.

    What is the latest take on this? Id rather plug it into my APC Power conditioner than the wall.
  15. D

    For Sale Xbox One Controller black. Couple months old, fully boxed, immaculate £25

    Xbox One Controller. Couple months old, fully boxed, immaculate I can provide the original invoice Latest controller with 3.5mm and blue tooth £25 including delivery NO OFFERS
  16. C

    External Xbox one hard drive

    Hi All, Firstly I am new to this forum so HELLO!! I have a question concerning the use of an external hard drive for games on my xbox one. I bought a 4tb external hard drive having researched what the best drives to use were. I currently use it for videos that I want to play on the xbox one...
  17. quicksand

    For Sale Xbox One S 500GB & controller

    Xbox One S White 500GB & controller in excellent condition. A couple of years old but working perfectly and used lightly during that time - not used in a long time so need to move it on! £90 plus postage. Standard courier with £50 insurance is £6.29, add further £2.00 for £100 insurance...
  18. Accylad

    For Sale SOLD Xbox One S - 1TB Boxed with controller and all cables

    Bought this Xbox a few weeks back from Argos but have decided it's not for me It is the latest version and includes the controller, original packaging, receipt from Argos for warranty, all cables No games or vouchers are included as I have already used them. I can confirm that this is in as...
  19. B

    Question Don't seem to be getting surround sound using Atmos soundbar on my Xbox X

    LG 55UJ630V Samsung HW-N850 Soundbar including SWA-9000s Xbox X Hi All Could really do with some assistance as I can't seem to get surround sound from my set up using Xbox X which is set to Atmos and Atmos is illuminated on the soundbar. When I watch Amazon or Netflix on the TV I get...
  20. SHH89

    For Sale Xbox controller black

    Like new used a couple of time Collection welcomed or delivery £5
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