1. J

    Sony X950H vs Samsung Q90/95 for bright room/sports

    Hi there all! I have a predicament driving me insane choosing between the Sony XH9505 and the Samsung Q95T (coming here from a 7yr old non-4K Sony) My main usage is Sports and Netflix and I have SkyQ (I am getting a PS5 for casual gaming also) The room has floor-to-ceiling windows in front of...
  2. bandyka

    JVC DLA X5500/X7500/X9500 owners thread

    Here it is fresh from the warehouse new X7500 :) Going into the cave very shortly to undergo some thorough testing. I am mostly looking forward to: - New low lag/game mode - HDR WCG mode - Improved motion - improved contrast. Let's see if it lives up to the hype :)
  3. bandyka

    NEW JVC projectors with LOW LAG MODE X570R and X770R series HDR update

    Here we go finally! D-ILAホームシアタープロジェクターDLA-X770R製品情報 | JVC JVC、4K/HDR放送のHLGに対応したD-ILAプロジェクタ。コントラスト最大130万:1 JVC Kenwood will release JVC brand home theater projectors "DLA - X 770 R" and "DLA - X 570 R" compatible with 4 K / 60 p video input and HDR signal Hybrid Log - Gamma (HLG) system in...
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