1. (GTV)Chris

    Sony UBP X700 picture stutter on Prime app?

    Using the Sony to play Blu ray discs and also for the apps, Netflix and Prime. Something odd is happening on Amazon prime playback, every now and then the picture has a very quick little stutter where the picture seems to throw a half frame sideways, like a little bounce. It doesn't seem to be...
  2. A

    Question Advice on pairing Panasonic UB820 or Sony x700 to projector or TV

    Hi everyone - I have an Epson HC3800 projector that is currently used with a Sony x700 4K player (by way of an Onkyo NR-686). The player has Dolby Vision turned off since the HC3800 can only do HDR10. This is set up in a dark room in the basement using a 92” screen and is where i more often...
  3. nosirrahs

    Sony UBP-X700 - playing 4k HDR discs sometimes reports output at 1080p??

    Hi all I just bought the X700 and half the time I play a 4K HDR disc and press DISPLAY it reports "4K/24p HDR", but the other half of the time it'll report "1080p HDR". It flips between the two even on the same disc sometimes! I presume that 1080p mean it's outputting at HD resolution. I...
  4. Ginge75

    BDP X700 bricked

    First of all, let me just get this off my chest. What has happened to Sony products in recent years. We’re talking very poor quality products, full of bugs and seemingly no quality control. I’ve had the x700 Blu-ray player since last summer, and since then it has occasionally frozen several...
  5. Y

    Panasonic UB420 or Sony X500/X700?

    I was all set to look for the Sony UBP X700 on Black Friday, or even X500 as I don’t think I’ll require Dolby Vision (and don’t want to keep turning it off), when I saw the Panasonic UB420 is down from £250 to £150. At such a similar price, is there much difference? £150-160 is my absolute...
  6. L

    Evolution of JVC DLA-X7... Projector Line

    I was just wondering what the major updates of each of the JVC DLA-X7… midrange projectors are? I currently own the JVC DLA-X700, and was looking at later models, wondering how the line has evolved and what major benefits I’d gain as I upgraded through the years. I’m sure others have wondered...
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