1. G

    new TV (qn90a) and x4500h problems

    Hi, I've had a x4500H for about 2 years but my TV was 10ish years old so I did a big upgrade to a qn90a. However, I can't seem to get seem to get them to play nice. BTW, I also have an xbox series X. First I tried the 'work around' knowing the x4500h doesn't support 2.1. I plugged the xbox...
  2. mr gothic

    Question Denon AVR X4500H One Channel Not Working Issue

    hi i have a denon x4500h avr which im having a issue with speaker channel. ive recently add 4 atmos speakers installed in ceiling and did the amp assign for a 5.1.4 setup did a manual test tone and im getting sound from all speakers bar my front right speaker if i play music in 2 channel stereo...
  3. sebna

    Question Which combo would be better?

    Hi, I have power amps. I also have 4500h to drive them but I wonder if oldish Marantz processor av8801 would be better then 4500h? Thanks
  4. S

    Denon x4500h sound cut off

    Hello Just replaced Nakamichi AV1 processor with Denon 4500. When i switch on SVS PB12-PLUS/2 subwoofer Denon cuts out sound with crackling sound. This does not happen all the time. To get the sound back either i have to change channel or switch off / on receiver then everything is fine...
  5. RobTi

    Question Denon X4500H hdmi - component out conversion ?

    Hi can I output video from this avr through component if all inputs are hdmi, just asking as this would allow me to ditch my existing converter (hdfury) that i use for my projector? Thanks
  6. Sbucks

    Denon X4500h issues

    Hi all, I am having alot of issues with a factory refurbished X4500h I bought recently. It only works if I power up the units one by one starting with the TV->AVR->nvidia sheild. Now I can’t get a picture via arc no matter what I do. Everything goes they the AVR. I am unable to enter the...
  7. A

    Denon AVR X4500h firmware update issue

    Hello Wonder if anyone experienced any issues with the latest firmware update on their 4500 or 6500 series? I attempted to run the latest firmware update yesterday and the unit just turned itself off (I mean off not standby so no display, not even the standby indicator o around the power button)...
  8. F

    Question Replacement for Denon 3312 options Arcam AVR550 or Denon X4500H or ?

    I have a current 5.1 system using the Denon 3312 to drive the centre speaker and two rear, and pre out to a Naim Pre-Power for the front stereo pair, and a self powered Sub. I now have a Panasonic GZ1000 so want to upgrade to an AV amp that will pass through 4K Resolve some hand shake issues...
  9. Jester1066

    Question Adding A Multi Channel Power Amp to x4500h

    Hi all.... Appreciate people's views/thoughts on this. I currently have the following Home Theatre setup - currently running in a 5.1.2 Atmos/height setup - Dali sitting on front speakers - although I have the additional (rear) atmos/height speakers to go to 5.1.4 (once I've decorated!)...
  10. W

    Denon X4500h... or stretch more for NAD or Arcam with Dirac Live?

    I'm close to pulling the trigger on a Denon X4500h. On paper it ticks all my boxes - Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, up to 5.1.4 (I'd do 5.1.2 first then expand later), Dolby Vision, good HDMI connectivity. Though I'm not fussed about multi-room capabilities or HEOS. It seems to be available for around £800...
  11. D

    DENON X4500H Zone 2 audio via ARC not playing

    Hi everyone, searched and searched, unable to find an answer. here is what i have Denon x4500H receiver Sony x950G tv two zones set up: zone 1: 7.1 in my living room zone 2: 2 speakers on my porch i am able to play 1 zone, 2 zone or both zones with every input with one exception is when...
  12. Gasp3621

    Bargain Denon X4500H - 799£ this weekend

    Was scrolling some sites and noticed Peter Tyson offers Denon X4500H for 799£ only this weekend which is quite good deal as X3600H goes for 699£! Comes with 5year warranty aswell. Add the product to cart and you see the final price...
  13. K

    Trouble getting Alexa to play music from Spotify through HEOS on Denon x4500h

    I'm very confused on how to get Spotify to work through Alexa on my AVR. I've downloaded the HEOS app for my phone and skill for my Alexa app. The Alexa app found my AVR and connected to it no problem. I created a group called "Living Room" and put the AVR in that group. I've set the AVR as my...
  14. cjlhessing

    Question Denon x4500h vs Yammy a1080

    Hello there. So the title says it all so opinions on the two are greatly desired BUT to further complicate it...is the imminent 2020 release of hdmi 2.1 on receivers actually worthwhile to someone not planning on messing with 8k? I just want hdr/Dolby Vision passthrough and re 8k...I mean our...
  15. K

    Trouble with speaker terminal / binding post on Denon X4500H

    I recently ordered a Denon X4500H AVR and was setting it up last night. During that process, I noticed that as I was trying to put my speaker wire into the Front R negative speaker terminal in the back, I could only screw the terminal closed up to a point, then it would just keep turning, but...
  16. C

    Question Amplifier to go with Denon X4500h for 7.1.4?

    Hi everyone, Asked this in the Denon X4500H owners thread initially, but I'm thinking it might get more visibility with its own thread. I'm looking to buy an amplifier to go with the Denon for a 7.1.4 config (well, 7.2.4 but anyway). The amp stuff is all new to me, don't really know what to go...
  17. T

    Denon X4500h question

    Hello, I would appreciate some assistance please. I recently bought a Denon x4500h receiver. I bought it from the US and shipped it to Qatar where I live. I (stupidly) didn’t realise the different household voltages (Qatar is the same as the UK) I have read that I need it buy a step down voltage...
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