1. Wilkeh

    Wanted Denon X2400H or X2500H

    Hey folks, After one of the above if possible. Any knocking about? Can travel up to 100 miles from Stoke Kind regards
  2. J

    Denon X2600h receiver location problem?

    Hi Guys After months of researching speakers and receivers, i have finally set up my home cinema. Now the issue is that when i got my TV mounted just above my cabinet, i was using a standard soundbar and it did not occur to me that i may want to think about 5.1 set in the future. And btw this...
  3. A

    Denon 2600 auto standby at midnight

    I have a Denon 2600, connected to Sky and Apple TV. On the latest firmware. Every day at midnight the AVR switches itself off. Eco and sleep timer are off and I have gone through all the settings to find anything that could be causing it. Searches on Google haven’t helped. Can anyone advice...
  4. H

    Denon AVR-X2600H Bluetooth input issues

    I recently aquired a Denon AVR-X2600H receiver and are experiencing issues with the Bluetooth input mode. After initially pairing, my phone (Android, Pixel 5) is connected and plays back audio from the phone no problem. After disconnecting, e.g. from the phone, the device is listed under...
  5. A

    4k on Denon X2600H Receiver

    Hello folks, trying to see if new PC can do 4k to 55" C9 Oled via Denon receiver for full audio and 1080p is fine but I seem to have a spot of bother setting it to 4k as I wait for a cable to go back to a PC monitor which I hope using the denon as a passthrough wont interfere with as I want the...
  6. filthycasual

    Denon x2600h Bluetooth transmission supported codecs

    Hey, I've seen that the x2600h supports Bluetooth audio transmission for connection Bluetooth headphones, but I can't see anything about the codecs it supports? Anyone know where I can find anything. Denons site isn't particularly helpful. Cheers!
  7. U

    No sound on my rx AVR x2600h when connected to blu ray

    I have tried to hook up my Panasonic blu ray player to my av rx but all I have is video no sound the unit is connected via hdmi lead
  8. AudioNewbie

    Denon x2600H dolby atmos 5.2 using hybrid wired LR Front, sub + wireless LR Surround back HS1 via Heos?

    Hi There, I am planning to build my home theater for music, Dolby atmos movies and karaoke. I am also new to audio, and have done some research here and there and finally got a good bargain Castle Knight 4 as my front tower speakers for 300 USD. Problem is i dont have any avr for now :D I am...
  9. A

    X2600h upgrade to 3700h ?

    I am torn between adding 2 more height channels to get 5.1.4, i know my current receiver won't allow me to do this as it doesn't have enough outputs. I am hearing a lot about audessy 32xt and other benefits of the newer receivers, is the change between receivers better and also is the extra rear...
  10. L

    Denon X2600H Lack of onscreen Option Set Up Graphics on TV

    I have just upgraded my whole home cinima with new TV, Denon X2600H AV Receiver and Wharfdale DX2 speakers. All of the connected divices and the TV are working perfectly together. Having taken time using the Denon onscreen options menu and settings to individually set up each input parameter...
  11. Tomsonman

    Denon X2600H how to 2.1 on Zone 2 ?

    Hey everybody, a quick question. I just bought a new audio setup, Denon X2600H and Wharfendale DX2 5.1 setup for my TV home theater and 2x B&W AM-1 speakers. Was looking for a way to have a 5.1 sound if wathing TV and a 2.1 sound if watching on video projector from the other direction of the...
  12. Darkmantom

    X2600h protection mode

    Hey all,i have got a 2600 as replacement for my old Onkyo 703 . Sound is great, but i when i play music loud for about 15 min it goes in protection mode. I havent got that with my old Onkyo .. Speakers are kef 5002.1 with kef subwoofer. The sats are on 120hz (small) and lfe plus main. What is...
  13. jacklafiga

    DENON x2600h Help ALLM Auto Latency Game Mode XBOX ONE X LG C9

    Hi! After replacing my 1600h for 2600h I lost the ALLM. When I connect XBOX ONE X through the receiver to the LG C9 it doesn't appear tne LG " Instant Game Response" advertise anymore. With the 1600 it didn't happen...
  14. J

    Question Surround speakers to go with Denon x2600h?

    I need some recommendations for a pair of speakers to go in the surround position. My AVR is a Denon x2600h and I've got a Wharfedale speakers in all the other positions. Pair of Diamond 220's at the front, an 11CS for the center and a pair of D300 3D's for the height speakers. I've got a pair...
  15. D

    Budget 5.1 Speaker package with Denon X2600h

    Hi, I am planning to buy 5.1 speaker package to go with Denon X2600h, please suggest good 5.1 speaker package or should i choose 5 speakers and subwoofer seperate, Appreciate your inputs, Thanks....
  16. M

    Question Denon X2600H - No Bluetooth headphone volume control ?

    Do all Denon AVRs lack Bluetooth headphone volume control ? I got a Denon X2600H recently and noticed that the volume with my Bluetooth Sony WH-1000MX2 headphones was just way low even with the volume turned up max on the headphones themselves. It is almost half of what the headphones are...
  17. Sparky7ot

    Question Denon AVR X2600H

    I have this receiver. I'm using all 7 channels for my surround sound. What I'm wondering is could I use this receiver to power 2 separate speakers in my kitchen which would be connected to a DJ controller which I will connect to one of the RCA inputs in the back. I'm aware if a zone 2 but not...
  18. Tboggie

    Noticeable difference between Denon X2300W and X2600H?

    Hi All, I currently have a 5.1.2 setup. 5.1 speakers are KEF T205 5.1 Speaker Package Atmos speakers are Dali Phantom E60 AVR is Denon X2300W I was looking to replace X2300W with the X2600H. Please, would I notice any sound improvement if I go with the X2600H? Thanks, T
  19. J

    Wharfedale D300 3D - add to X2600H for Atmos?

    So I've just upgraded a bunch of my home cinema kit (with a lot of advice from people on here) and I've ended up with a Denon X2600H with Wharfedale Diamond 220's and and 11.CS attached, plus a couple of older rear surrounds that I'm happy with. The amp of course can do Atmos and 7.1 so I was...
  20. J

    Denon AVRX2600H - what are the correct Bi Amp connections?

    I've got a Denon AVRX2600H coming today and I'm going to connect it to my Wharfedale 220's. I want to bi amp but the manual is not terribly clear. I can see I use the surround backs alongside the normal fronts but it isn't clear which connection goes where, e.g. so I put high freq in the...
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