1. Bazza525

    Question Denon AVR X2300W. Issues with ARC

    Amp has been randomly turning off and on for a while now. ARC now not fully functioning. Activating SkyQ box used to turn on amp and tv, now each box has to be turned on separately. Now if viewing Amazon via the TV there is no sound. Sony KD 55XE 9305 TV ( TV did an update recently) Viewing...
  2. Sgiandubh

    Denon x2300w & Rega Planar 1 Plus

    So after a bit of deliberation, I have now bought the Rega Planar 1 Plus and paired it with my Denon x2300w AVR. I have only just got it set up and haven’t done a lot of tinkering but I am distinctly unimpressed so far. As I said in my other thread I am no audiophile but I would find it hard...
  3. S

    Netflix, Prime surround sound issues

    Hi all, Hope this is the right section to post in. If not, please move as appropriate. I've got an LG B7 passing through via ARC into a Denon AVR X2300 to a 5.1 system. Lately, Netflix and Prime Video apps on the TV have reverted to playing all titles in stereo rather than surround. iPlayer...
  4. paulukhenry

    Question Denon X2300W + Mourdant Short 5.1 Avanti 5.1

    Hi, I'm new to home theatre building and forms too!! I've recently bought a Denon X2300W (I'm on a budget and this seems to give a lot for the price). All I need now is speakers.... I've been looking for a bargain, but can't bring myself to comprise too much. I've recently seen the...
  5. L

    Answered Denon AVR X2300W - Need to crank volume up alot to hear properly

    I bought a Denon AVR X2300W a while ago and I have to push the volume up to between 70 and 80 in order to properly hear what I am listening to. This happens with all surround sound sources like BluRay and dvd's. As a result of this, the amp will go into protection mode after watching 2-3...
  6. LordG42

    Odd HDR Passthrough issue with PS4 Pro via Denon x2300w Receiver

    Hi all, I've got a PS4 Pro, which was hooked up to my Denon x2300w receiver (along with several other devices), then that outputs to my LG B6 Oled tv, using Amazon Basics high speed 2.0 cables. The problem that has bugged me for a while, but didn't think was my receiver's fault, was colour...
  7. T

    Question Pioneer VSX-1131 vs Denon X2300W

    Hi all, I'm trying to decide which one to go for, I know the Denon does have slightly better reviews. I can get the Pioneer for £300 and the Denon for around £350, is the Denon worth the extra £50. Cheers.
  8. D

    Denon AVR x2300W

    Hi, Just bought a new denon 2300 Whatever i do i cant get any signal on TV connected by HDMI, tried both monitor 1 and 2 Any idea? Thanks!!
  9. L

    Denon model avr x2300w speaker set up

    I'm waiting on my new Denon AVR receiver model #AVR x2300w suppose to be delivered today. I am upgrading from my current dead Denon 3313ci surround sound that went out. As in reading on page 29 Atmos features, it does not support the 5.1 speakers setup, which is what I have, mine are all in...
  10. C

    Question Denon avr x2300w

    hi all Purchased this on Saturday after my old jvc went pop! I went through the set up procedures. The vocals sound a little muffled. My wife suggests that it sound like the tv is in a box rather than in the room with us. Some voices are easier to hear than others I purchase from richer...
  11. Mant

    Answered Denon X2300W - Auto Power On When Streaming Audio

    Hi all. I've been thinking of upgrading my old Sony Amp and I have a quick question for any Denon X2300W owners. I read there is an eco mode on this model, and in particular there is an on/off/auto power function. Does this amp have the ability to power on automatically, or is it just auto off...
  12. D

    Question Denon X2100W vs X2300W SQ

    has anyone upgraded from X2100W to X2300W and can comment on how much of a difference in sound quality between the two. I know WhatHifi gave the X2100W 4* and the X2300W 5* but they were probably reviewed by different people in different setups so to me the 1* difference is pointless. I don't...
  13. SVRich

    Question Denon X2300W or Onkyo TXNR555

    Hi Hopefully somone can help. I have had an Onkyo TX-SR308 (in a pack with speakers) for a long time and I was happy with it bu it is giving up the ghost so I was looking to replace it. I was initially looking at the Denon package here but I have noticed they also have an Onkyo TXNR555 with...
  14. K

    Question Denon X2300W & Samsung KS7000 ARC Woes

    Hoping for some help here, as I'm stumped. Took delivery of a 55KS7000, Denon 2300 and speakers the other day. I connected everything up, and it all went swimmingly - ARC was working fine. I thought it was a faff to keep messing with TV settings every time I went between HDR and non-HDR...
  15. A

    Question Denon x4100w and x2300w questions

    How come the x4100w is listed as a 7.2 yet has 9 inputs? And how come the x2300w is listed as a 7.2 atmos yet has only 7 inputs? Does that mean it's either 7.2 or 5.2.2?
  16. gp1r

    Question denon x2300w

    hello its ok denon x2300w for klipch rp280f-rp 450c-rp250s-115 sub this is for now for 16 sqare m room after will be in 40m
  17. S

    Denon AVR X2300W and Q7000i

    Hi all, I have bought a set of Q Acoustics Q7000i 5 speaker set with subwoofer and a Denon X2300W amp. I have tested them and all seems to be working well, however are there any settings or options on the subwoofer/in the amp that I should be aware of to make the most of the setup? I am using...
  18. R

    Yamaha RXV581 vs Denon X2300W

    Hi I'm thinking of upgrading my current Panasonic all in one to a budget level home cinema system. I am torn between these two. I can get a good deal on the Yamaha and 5.1.2 speakers which works out to be about £100 cheaper than a similar Denon package. I cant find much feedback on the Yamaha...
  19. M

    Question Which AVR? RX-V681, SR5011 or VR-X2300W

    Not sure which one. I'm going to power a 5.1 setup, hopefully 5.1.2 soon in a small living/dining room. 430 used 599 new: Yamaha RX-V681 - YAMAHA RX-V681 7.2-Ch x 90 Watts Networking A/V Receiver 649 used 899 new: Marantz SR5011 - MARANTZ SR5011 7.2-Ch x 100 Watts Networking A/V Receiver w/...
  20. Manmeet

    Yamaha RX-V779 vs Denon AVR X2300W Recommendation ?

    Dear AV Experts, I'm completely newbie in the HT world and buying my first receiver. I'm no audiophile in any way but would your recommendation on the brand in general i.e. should I go with yamaha or Denon in terms of reliability ,novice setup and future proofing? My current...
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