1. pixelandsoda

    Tube buffer loop output question

    Hi guys, A while ago I bought Musical Fidelity X10 v3 Tube Buffer that is connected to my CD player via line input and the output to my amplifier. I'm wondering what is the loop output in the buffer for? According to the manual ‘The LOOP OUTPUT sockets are simply duplicates of the LINE INPUT...
  2. J

    Mk x10 sub maybe broken...

    Hi guys I have broken my RCA output on my sub (see pic below). :( Do I need to get the output repaired (pretty expensive isn't it?) or can I just use the XLR output instead?
  3. A

    Sonos, X10 and ipod

    I've got sonos speakers and a Cocktail audio X10. I'm having problems when I - or more accurately my daughters - want to connect an ipod to the line in on the cocktail and then play it through sonos. Problems is that the sonos controller seems to pick up the music stories on the X10 but not that...
  4. adam-burnley

    Zidoo X8 vs X9S vs X10 (vs Zappiti Mini 4K HDR)

    I recently picked up a Zappiti Mini 4K HDR player to replace my 11 year old HTPC, and it has so far been rock solid with my collection of BD rips (mkv) stored on a QNAP NAS. I need three more media players for other rooms, so decided to take a look at the Zidoo offering before committing to...

    ZIDOO X10 4K HDR Owners Thread

    ZIDOO X10 Realtek 1295 Revision Updated v1.2 motherboard Tips & Firmware updates : 1 : Latest Motherboard revision Realtek 1295 v1.2 [ 2017 - 2018 units ] Support 1080p , 4K , HDR10 , 3D Playback , SACD ISO,DFF,DSF file playback usb 3.0 x1 , Usb 2.0 x2 , Hdmi input x1 Hdmi output x1 , Hdmi...
  6. Jackass

    Zidoo X10 - The New Flagship!

    X10 Best Android TV Box, Stick, 1080p 4K Streaming Media Player for XBMC Kodi
  7. P

    Question Infocus x10 vertical distortion

    Please see picture - Anyone come across this before ? It happens periodically and sometimes improves if I restart. I can't think it is a bulb replacement issue given usage. Any help gratefully received. Cheers Paul
  8. W

    Question INFOCUS X10 friends, please help!! RE colourwheel

    Hey guys, So my magnificent and amazing x10 needs a new colour wheel! its the first time I've had any sort of real problems with it but I cant find a colour wheel for it anywhere! Does anyone know where they are hiding or know of a colour wheel that will be compatible with mine? Thank you so...
  9. C

    Cocktail X10 cannot load browser using IP.

    Cocktail X10 cannot load browser using IP. Help. I recently had problems with my PC and with my Cocktail X10. I have re-installed Windows on my PC and I have reset the X10 to factory settings and re-formatted the hard drive (after making a backup). Now I cannot get the browser to load up the...
  10. interdumy

    how to change the regionRosen DVD Entertainment System model T10 or x10

    Dear ALL, I'm the owner of a Rosen DVD Entertainment System model T10 or x10 ( I really don't know for sure :( ... ) I don't know how it happen, but my child push a button and know the dvd player is not working any more. The error is wrong region. Please tell me, how to change the region; I...
  11. meep

    Question Insteon or ZWave to replace creaking X10 installation?

    Looking for some initial advice.... When we refurbished our house 15 years ago, we installed a variety of X10 systems. Mainly, we have Din-Rail dimmers controlling lights in a number of rooms. These are controlled by battery-powers wall-mounted switches (3x devices + dim). We also have a...
  12. amcluesent

    Cocktail Audio X10 Discussion, Part II

    Continues from Part I, which was getting close to the 1000 post mark. Product overview of the X10 - http://www.cocktailaudio.co.uk/overview.shtml There's also the official X10 product support Forum - http://www.cocktailaudio.co.uk/Forum/
  13. B

    Question Infocus X10 Color Issue

    Recently I purchased a house and had the home theatre set up thrown in (at a cost!). It came with an Infocus X10 projector. The projector is mounted from the roof, and seems to have sufficient clearance from the walls and roof to maintain good air movement. During summer, right after the...
  14. P

    PiPO X10 10.8 Inch Z8300 4G/64G - What is it?

    Hey guys, I just saw this Tablet / Tv Box / I don't know what. I was wondering what you guys think about it and if you can think of any good use for it? Some specs Screen: 10.8 inch, 1920*1200 pixels FHD Screen OS: Windows 10 & Android 5.1 dual operating system CPU: Intel Cherry Trail Z8300...
  15. mutamist

    Fuji X10 v Sony RX100 - do I need both? Photo comparison help needed!

    I'm very much a use in auto kind of photographer. I've tried many times to be more than that, but it never seems to work for me. I've had my X10 for almost 3 years now after being it as an ex display model for £125 in Currys. My RX100 I bought in November last year and haven't used a great deal...
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