1. P

    No Surround Sound, Not showing as Atmos, what have I done wrong??

    Hey guys This is all new tech to me, I am 57 yrs old and until recently had a well old Plasma TV, so, please bear with me and if you can help it would be appreciated!! Okay so, I have the following and all using certified HDMI 2.1 Cables LG OLED55C14 TV LG SP11RA Soundbar Panasonic 820UB 4k...
  2. Daniel989

    Digital signal process (e.g. Dolby PLIIz) sends everything to centre, what's wrong?

    Please could you help me understand what is going on here. Maybe I simply misunderstand the expected behaviour, but certainly what I am seeing is not at all what I want. When playing a stereo source such as YouTube or ITV Hub, if I put my amp into a DSP mode such as Dolby PLIIz or DTS Neo 6...
  3. Fairly priceless zero

    Electronics. Something wrong with their wiring.

    The title speaks for itself....
  4. Uptown

    Toshiba 4k TV, 3 hdmi outputs and a V6 virgin box. What could possibly go wrong? 🤪

    Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are all safe and well. First time poster, so bear with me. So I have bought my first 4k TV and I have 3 hdmi outputs. These are connected directly as follows; Hdmi 1 straight to V6 box, with 2160p auto detected. Hdmi 2 straight to PS4. Hdmi 3 straight to...
  5. evangelion

    Old people - Is there something wrong with their wiring?

    Have at it ;) But! Please be respectful that folk of an advancing age are more prone to failing eyesight, short term memory etc etc :thumbsup: ... and a small caveat, I'm no spring chicken! Copied over from the Young People ... thread.
  6. S

    Multi switch looks wrong?

    Hi there, I’ve run new coax from a property to a communal loft. See images of what I found. The multi switch looks like a simple 5 input and 12 out. I’m wondering why the DCSS-422 (Dlcr) had been cascaded to the main multi switch. I believe someone was thinking of adding Sky Q but surely this...
  7. sadexpunk

    playing tv sound through an amp - what am i doing wrong?

    hi ive already had this working, but since having a video problem with the tv, and switching it off and on again (which sorted it), my sound wont play through the hifi speakers any more. its an old samsung tv, bought abroad many moons ago from thailand (ua46es6220rxxt) and ive had it set up...
  8. TimPShep

    Question How to rip a CD burned with the wrong track timings?

    I'm ripping some old audio CDs that I burned long ago, and have several bizarre hybrid CDs. The CD is, let's say, called CD1 by Artist 1 but shows up as CD2 by Artist 2 in Exact Audio Copy, according to the CD's own indexing and EAC's online search. In other words the CD plays the CD1 music...
  9. N

    Question Sat Receiver is showing the wrong Orbital Position

    Hi, I have the following problem and hope someone could point me in the right direction. I have a motorised dish, which is set up and used to work OK with my old VU+ Uno receiver. This receiver is now 'bricked', so I bought new one - Zgemma H9S. I have massive difficulties to set the new...
  10. B

    Amp gets distorted at higher input levels. What's wrong?

    I'm using a DAC which is connected to a graphic equalizer and goes into my Marantz PM7200 amp. When I turn up the volume on the DAC, at 12 o'clock position the amp already start to distort even on low volume. First I thought that the equalizer is the problem, as it increases the gain a bit too...
  11. John Leigh

    The Wrong Mans

    Just been watching this on I player, I think it's well worth a watch a little far fetched at times but also funny, Started to watch series 2 but seems to have lost its way
  12. Ged

    Winter Hill local TV wrong area.

    Hi, Whilst I don’t use the Freeview tuner in the TV’s much, I have noticed the local TV has tuned into Liverpool TV whilst I live in Eccles and used to receive the Manchester channel. Both TVs are Panasonic, I have tried the region options to no avail. Could anyone advise what may be the reason...
  13. mb3195

    mods please delete

  14. pat clancy

    Question Cant sign in to Netflix on Xbox 360

    Cant sign in to Netflix on Xbox 360 ,keeps saying wrong password
  15. M

    Question What's going wrong with my speakers?

    Amp is a Marantz PM5005, Speakers are Q Acoustics 3020. Sounds ok at low levels but if I try to turn it up loud they shake violently.
  16. bairdyboy1980

    Whats wrong with my grass??

    Calling all gardeners!!! My front lawn has some sort of fungus growing in it. Can you tell me what it is and how to treat it??
  17. Member 328449

    Excel - What Am I Doing Wrong?

    The cells are formatted to General, but I've also tried Number. Why is this giving me such a crazy number?
  18. A

    Question Please advise where Im going wrong in WinISD

    Im trying to model various drivers in WinISD but something seems off. So Ive entered drivers and also used various downloaded files that I have found online, but still seem to be getting the same problem. Lets take For example the SP4 15" Sub I am trying to model. Driver has been entered...
  19. W

    Samsung UE65HU8500T has wrong product info

    Hello, Sorry if this has been addressed previously, but have Googled to no avail. I have a Samsung UE65HU8500T, 65 " tv. I only just noticed that in Menu, System etc, the Product info screen says my TV is UE55HU9000, SEK-3500. Now I know the SEK-3500 is the evolution kit, or new box, but has...
  20. tjhilder

    camera won’t turn on, not sure if charger or battery is dead

    i have Fujifilm finepix SL1000, I bought it second hand and has been working fine, but haven’t used it in a few months, I went to use it but it wouldn’t power on, I put the battery in the charger thinking it just needed to be recharged and plugged the charger in but doesn’t appear to be charging...
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