1. JamesSmithUK

    Your Best & Worst Purchases of 2021

    For me:- Best: Spectral SDR-4000SL Reference CD Processor. Love it! Worst: KEF Reference 1. Utterly terrible speakers like all KEF's. Alan Shaw calls them boom and sizzle boxes and I totally agree! Yours?
  2. Garrett

    World of Warcraft (Your Worst Expansion Now, & Best to Worse Expansion).

    Worst Shadowlands Best to Worst Expansion for me. Lich King. two start areas some of the best thought out quest along the way rather than kill X amount of this or collect Y of that. Even got me tanking, and even on the pug weekly bosses. Also had the introduction of the Death Knight. Use to...
  3. GreyMutton

    Worst pre built PC ever by Alienware

    Just watched this video from Gamers Nexus and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It's unlikely any warning were needed not to buy anything from Alienware but I had no idea they were this bad 🤯
  4. Boo Radley75

    Winner Of The Award For Worst Company Name Ever Goes To......

    Your company is called what???? Nonce Finance A photo has emerged of the current company director talking business with his predecessor
  5. Pict Oh

    The worst driver i saw today was driving a .......

    We all know that BMW and Audi drivers have a bad reputation for their driving habits, such as cutting people up, speeding, tailgating, not indicating, never saying thank you, speaking on their mobiles, etc. This thread is here to find out if this reputation is justified. The words...
  6. Boo Radley75

    Best & Worst CBeebies Shows

    Which do you find the best and worst for you and your child? I'll rate these with a P for parent and C for child rating..... Hey Duggee! P-5 C-5 - what can I say, just awesome! My daughter's favourite and the one that I could happily watch alone, too .Alexander Armstrong narating is brilliant...
  7. D

    Is Stoke on Trent the worst town in the UK?

    Someone was telling me they were going to Stoke on Trent tomorrow, and so I googled the place, and the first result that comes up: 'Stoke-on-trent most deprived neighbourhood in the UK', and the images of the place look really dreary. Is there a worst town? Do I have Stoke wrong, is it...
  8. F

    Worst Ever Trustpilot Score: Virginmedia?

    Could this be the worst Trustpilot score for a company with a significant number of reviews? The measly 1.2 average is all the more astonishing when you consider that 1 star is the minimum rating. 88% of reviews award the minimum 1 star. Only 4% of reviews, 1 in 20, are above average: So...
  9. M

    Question Could you rank the best to worst of the Jesse Stone Movies?

    I watched stone cold years ago and loved it!! Found out there are 8 more :) For fans, could you rank in order of best to worse please? Thanks
  10. Cliff

    Why does the U.K. have the worst death rate, worldwide?

    It seems no one really knows the answer to why we have the highest death rates. The government just says there will be an inquiry after it all blows over or some other bland statement. There were quite a few poor policy decisions that, with hindsight, may have increased the death rate. This...
  11. vu599536

    Worst Adverts on TV at the moment

    For me: . Cazoo advert with the man being swallowed up by his sofa and comes out of it as soon as his car arrives . Any advert made with Zoom and virtual software . Tampax "You got to get them up there"
  12. Andy Bassett

    What is the best and worst facial hair in movies?

    From the Chin Curtain to the Soul Patch via the French Fork and the Coptash Standard, a dizzying array of character enhancing moustache, beard and sideburn combos have graced the screen and disgraced the wearers. What are some of the most memorable... and most egregious? Starting proceedings...
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