world of warcraft

  1. Garrett

    World of Warcraft (Your Worst Expansion Now, & Best to Worse Expansion).

    Worst Shadowlands Best to Worst Expansion for me. Lich King. two start areas some of the best thought out quest along the way rather than kill X amount of this or collect Y of that. Even got me tanking, and even on the pug weekly bosses. Also had the introduction of the Death Knight. Use to...
  2. Garrett

    World of Warcraft : Shadowlands (The 8th Expansion)

    Next expansion to be called Shadowlands and the level cap to be smashed down to 60 and the present cap squashed to 50. I can't say I like the idea even in the day of original game the cap was 60. There saying it's now taking a long time to level chars up from scratch but personally enjoyed the...
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