1. vijaychsk

    Wiring for a receiver in new construction

    In my new construction, I need some design ideas for the A/V wiring in the living area. My plan is to have a wall-mounted TV in the great room and some kind of TV stand below it (although I don't place on top it, just for hiding things, placing books, play station or something..). I also have...
  2. P

    Wiring and connection suggestions

    I just purchased a new home that I am currently renovating and want to wire it for whole home audio. I have 3 different TV locations (Man Cave, Living Room, and Bedroom) that are planned. I would like to set up a 5:1 speaker arrangement in the Man Cave and Living Room and a simple 2 channel...
  3. Fairly priceless zero

    Electronics. Something wrong with their wiring.

    The title speaks for itself....
  4. T

    What kind of electrical wiring for Ring Pro 2 doorbell?

    I'm having a porch built and the wiring for a standard dumb wired doorbell has already been costed into the quote. I'll be getting a simple dumb wired doorbell but I want to make sure it is future proofed so I can install a Ring Pro 2 in the not too distant future (this is a hardwired variant of...
  5. havor

    Dual Amp setup, switching between 5.2 and 2.0 (high/low power) speaker wiring

    Hi, I have a Marantz SR6011 + Rotel RB-870BX setup that uses about 400W when they only are turned on being idle. Now in the summer I don't need an extra heater in the room and so when I am not specially listing to good music or watching a movie, I wane use a low power class D amp (SMSL SA-98E)...
  6. evangelion

    Old people - Is there something wrong with their wiring?

    Have at it ;) But! Please be respectful that folk of an advancing age are more prone to failing eyesight, short term memory etc etc :thumbsup: ... and a small caveat, I'm no spring chicken! Copied over from the Young People ... thread.
  7. Boo Radley75

    Morris Dancers - Is There something wrong with their wiring?

    They dangerously clack sticks near each others knuckles, they think they represent our culture with this, anyone with bells on is frankly a bell, come on, what's the point of them?;);)
  8. owl61uk

    Young people--Is there something wrong with their wiring

    OK so we have had Men/Women, is there something wrong with their wiring. So that got me thinking, Young people is there something wrong with their wiring. Constantly taking selfies, pouting in ridiculous poses, following influencers ( WTF is that about). Going to bars with their friends then...
  9. CaptnSpaulding

    Help with Ring Doorbell wiring?

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone could help at all with the wiring of my Ring Doorbell Wired? I have confirmed my current doorbell is compatible however I only have 2 wires in mine where most diagrams show 3-4 on the installation. I’m wondering where I’m supposed to connect the bypass cable...
  10. WeegyAVLover

    Light switch wiring advice needed

    Hi all, want to swap out a light switch for a wifi switch but cannot get it working & wondered if anyone had advice for me. i bought this light switch of amazon: Its a wifi switch where no neutral is required. here is the back of switch that arrived: Circled the neutral port as it is there...
  11. nickson13

    Dali Spector (6 om, 83Db) and potentially Rega Brio R ? What about DAC ?

    Hi this is my first post here. Hope it's all right. First thing - looking for new amp: I have Dali Spector 1. I am planning on buying used Rega Brio R. Dali is said to be 6 ohm speaker with sensivity of 83 Db. Rega is either 4 or 8 ohm. Would that difference in ohms be an issue ? Is playing...
  12. B

    Ethernet Wiring - Retaining Clips / Inserts (?)

    Hi, Hi, I've run ethernet cable around my house (cat 6, shielded) but it's so thick it's making punching them into facias a nightmare. When I push them back the tension in the cable caused the cables to come out the socket. The cable tie just doesn't hold it. I'm looking to also add these but...
  13. nick48million

    Ethernet socket wiring help

    Ethernet socket wiring help Hi, Ever since I've lived in my current house we have had these ethernet sockets we've never used. Recently I did a bit of investigating. As I have ethernet already in my office, I plugged it in to see if it worked. Sadly it didn't, there was no signal at all in the...
  14. P

    Home Wiring advice

    I am thinking of wiring the house for Ethernet using Cat 6 cable. I am fairly confident I can terminate the cables myself onto the keystone jacks and crimp my own cables. I am also confident of configuring the switches and router that I will be using. However, I have zero confidence in my DIY...
  15. ngd2710

    Living Room setup advice (Ceiling Speakers? AV receiver? Sub wiring options)

    Hi All, I'm in the process of a home renovation and before I get past the point of no return with my AV setup I wanted to get the wisdom of the members here! I have just put together a false chimney breast with space for a soundbar (Sony HTG-700) BUT I have got some ability to run cabling to...
  16. J

    Replacing Lightwave Connect series 2-gang with with Lightwave Smart series 2-gang switch

    Decided to replace my Lightwave connect series switches with the Lightwave smart series switches, to get greater LED compatibility and native homekit support. I thought the new Lightwave switches would have the same connections as the old switches, alas they do not. The 2-gang connect switches...
  17. M

    Wiring speakers

    I have a problem that several hours of googling hasn't answered and I'm guessing somone on here could answer it in their sleep. I am trying to wire a Yamaha MusicCast CRXN470D to B&O Beoplay S3 speakers. Bluetooth works but I need to pair them every time I use the system and it is pretty...
  18. C

    Is this the correct way if not Bi Wiring speakers

    I just want to connect speakers normally no Bi Wiring why make a simple thing so complicated now, im used to a negative and positive now there are four. Has anyone got a simple photo that can show me and do i need to keep the metal plates on between ternimals. What do i do to get a normal...
  19. nokiauk

    Nest V3 Thermostat Wiring Setup

    I've had my Nest thermostat installed but am curious about aspects of the wiring if anyone can help. Coming into the Heatlink are: 2 x Neutral (Grey/Blue) 2 x Live (Brown) 1 x Call for Heat (Black) 1 x Call for Water Heat (Green) 2 x 12v to Thermostat (Red/Blue) Now this is wired as per...
  20. N

    Recommend me wiring to run 2.1 stereo speakers/sub woofer from one socket to another?

    I want to put a speaker port on one wall in our lounge and another one at the other end, so I can run the rear speakers and potentially a subwoofer at the other end of the room to the amp. Seems there's sockets like this - So I could put one of those at each end of the room, and plug the amp...
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