1. I

    Sony STR-DN1080 Speaker Wiring

    Hello, My two front speakers are Monitor Audio Radius 90 and my subwoofer is a Monitor Audio Radius 380. There is also a Radius 200 centre speaker as part of the system. They are connected to a Sony STR-DN1080 AV Receiver. When I play music from my iPhone (Apple Lossless) through the...
  2. C

    Mini-amp wiring for music in my garage.

    Hi Everyone, So, a while back I decided I wanted music in the garage for when I'm working out there. I had old speakers from when I had my 5.1 surround sound system back in the 90's. They were just in a box in the basement collecting dust so I figured I'd repurpose them for this project. So I...
  3. diodorus

    Technics SB-92: wiring basic question

    Hello, I am new to speakers, so please forgive my basic questions. I got a pair of old Technics SB-192 two-way speakers. This is how they look: 1) What are those wires on the top for? I opened the back and I noticed that (in both speakers) the tweeter is not connected (?!): 2) Are those...
  4. S

    Wiring a 2nd Nest Thermostat

    I believe it’s possible to have dual zones on a single base unit, but I can’t find anywhere online that recommends how to wire up the second thermostat…. I.e can a single base unit power two thermostats. Would anyone here happen to know? Thanks
  5. J

    Wiring for a Netatmo Doorbell

    Looking for advise on wiring in my Netatmo Doorbell. I have a BG CUB1 Bell transformer and a Grothe Echo 120 43531 chime (which is listed on Netatmo website as being compatible). I have attached a picture of the components and terminals, but need some direction regarding the wiring of these...
  6. 328ivert

    complex wiring help wanted

    tv is samsung 75" 4k virgin v6 box bose lifestyle 48 media center the 4 dual cubes for front and rear have been replaced with bang and olufsen redline,140 fronts and 60.2 rears. to be added a yamaha av dsp sounds great but lacks oommph. so i bought an old school yamaha av dsp its linked together...
  7. Richard2761

    Options for wiring two 5 channel amp for home theater

    For an 7.2.4 setup. I’ve an anthem 11 channel Av receiver mrx740 and just purchased 2 anthem 5 channel mca525 amplifiers. Whats the best way to wire these? I’m thinking one amp for all left channels, one for right channels and then using the Av receiver for the centre channel. Would this improve...
  8. P

    Recommendations required for cables & conduit

    I have a one-time opportunity to get this right and unfortunately, now I have caused my project to come to a halt simply because I feel I have too much information and can't make a decision on how to proceed. I am looking for recommendations on how best to prepare the room in such a way that if...
  9. Spenn2007

    Adding a second sub but difficulty in wiring to it.....help please

    I have a home cinema system with Denon 2600, mission ceiling and wall speakers , mission sub connected to LG OLED in a converted garage. I am looking to upgrade the amp to the 3700 and adding a 2nd subwoofer. However, the room is recently completed and decorated and I will struggle to get new...

    Technic SL1200 mk2 Stop / Start Button Wiring

    Hi - Please can anyone help. I have two SL1200 for many years within a disco system they work fine but the mixer has had it's day. The company that built this system (no longer exists) added two wires to each turntable from the stop / start button to the mixer's two stop / start buttons for...
  11. L

    parallel and serial speaker wiring

    hi there - i'm new to this forum - so i'm sorry if i'm posting in the wrong place. i have a Denon AVR-1609 receiver. the outputs are rated "6ohms ~ 16ohms". the speakers i have are 8ohm. i'd like to use two speakers at each output of the receiver. i understand that serial wiring means two...
  12. S

    L shaped open plan: advice on wiring, speaker location, amp choice

    Hi - hoping I can get some support on this. About to build an extension that will leave me with an L-shaped open plan living space including Kitchen, Dining and Family Room spaces. Additionally I have Living room and Snug as separate spaces/rooms. The extension is the dining/kitchen in the...
  13. 3

    Shelly 2.5 best wiring diagram for 2 on-off switches?

    Hello, I’m new to Shelly (but amazed at the possibilites) - I’m renovating my house in the uk and have asked an electrician to install a few in my house. However, electricians aren’t so familiar with these devices and so it throws up lots of questions… and I’m hoping for some tips/help here. I...
  14. Dorian

    Ring Wired doorbell with no existing wiring

    I'd like to fit a wired Ring doorbell. There is no existing doorbell wiring but there is a 240v feed in the wall cavity which I could tap into. However, the Ring will need a transformer. They recommend only using their transformer and it's designed for a DIN rail. My concerns are 1. Is it ok to...
  15. D


    Hi all, I recently bought a 300w sub with a broken power board for 15 quid. I stripped out the power board and the fancy low pass filter, frequency modulator, and volume control board out. Then bought an L7 MOSFET mono power board that supports 300-350 W at 8 ohms as well as requiring 2x 50 V...
  16. D

    Wiring unspecified Televes masthead amplifier

    Anybody recognise this amp? It has no model Number visible. I installed this a few years ago with only one feed. It’s powered up from the lounge but I vaguely recall seeing the other two outputs at the time, and I can’t quite remember what the manual said about the other two. I think I can...
  17. T1berious

    Subwoofer wiring for install Question

    Good morning, It looks like I'm at the point where I need to think about wiring for a sub. So I can't route up to the ceiling as there's a glass layer Not sure of the best way to route the RCA for the sub to the cabinet holding the Amp. Hoping to use RCA panels on both ends to keep it...
  18. tduebber

    Subwoofer wiring- quick question

    Quick question. I have a passive subwoofer (nothing but a right/left speaker wire input) that i'd like to connect to a 2 channel amplifier. What's the correct way to do this? Does it involve a Y adapter?
  19. x3j3UKN

    Wiring help please!

    Hey guys, bit of help appreciated here please. I have an external floodlight that I can’t work out how to wire up, the instructions are non existent as is my electrical knowledge. Irrespective of the usual warnings, please could someone in the know tell me which wire for my external lead...
  20. x3j3UKN

    Wiring help!

    Hey guys, bit of help appreciated here please. I have an external floodlight that I can’t work out how to wire up, the instructions are non existent as is my electrical knowledge. Irrespective of the usual warnings, please could someone in the know tell me which wire for my external lead...
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