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  1. A

    For Sale Black Xbox one x wireless controller with Bluetooth

    As title in mint condition.. Don't think I've got the box but still be well packaged. Sold my xbox one x and have this left over.. £38 pp gift delivered
  2. steelydanfan

    Cheap wireless controller

    Hi all, I'm sure most if not all of you know that the "Microsoft wireless xbox controller and cable" that is available is the same one that xbox owners receive with their console. Sometimes these controllers are on offer in various places usually several quid cheaper than the stand alone version...
  3. Meridius

    Question Xbox One Elite Wireless & Xbox One S Controller WifI Help

    Hi all I have the old Xbox One day one edition and I have had problems with dropping controller from day one and I have owned 2 controllers in that time and both do it. I have found out the problem is due to weak wifi signal from the controller to the xbox as I have my xbox in a tv cabinet with...
  4. Shanew1705

    Wireless Controller Charger

    I've been using a NYKO wireless charger for my PS4 controllers, however they haven't been charging recently so looking to get a new wireless charger Do any of you have one on here, and any you could recommend?
  5. raigraphixs

    Xbox Wireless Controller Tech Series

    Microsoft unveiled the new Tech Series of Xbox Wireless Controllers, including the first in the series: The Xbox Wireless Controller – Recon Tech Special Edition, which is set to launch April 25, 2017 for $69.99 USD. According to Microsoft, the new controller series was inspired by military...
  6. everway9

    Hisense H49M3000 Network Card speed?

    Hello everybody. I'm new here so a big HELLO! I hope you all are doing good today. :) I'm wondering if anyone can help..... I have searched the internet and cannot find anywhere which gives information relating to the speed of both the WiFi and LAN adaptors on my Hisense H49M3000. Does...
  7. S

    Question Using Xbox One S without wireless Controller for Media Consumption?

    Hi All, I have just picked up an Xbox One S purely to use for playing 4k UHD and I would like to get rid of the Wireless controller as I don't think I will have the need for that. Is it possible to use the Xbox One S purely without the wireless controller and is there like a media remote that...
  8. Joe Pineapples

    Question xbox 360 wireless controller

    Recently bought an original 360 wireless controller and now just bought a 'venom' twin battery pack for it. The instructions say they should only be charged whilst connected to the controller, though these instructions are for the 360 console. Just wondering if there's any reason I...
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